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IV Infusion Pharmacies

IV and Infusion Pharmacy Startups and Expansions: IV and infusion pharmacy startups are always at the top of the list when considering opening up a new pharmacy business or expanding an existing pharmacy practice. The IV and infusion pharmacies were the catalyst to the emergence of both the compounding and specialty pharmacy booms that have … Continue reading IV Infusion Pharmacies

Online and Internet Pharmacies

Online and Internet Pharmacy Startups: Starting up and opening an Internet pharmacy is becoming a lucrative business model. Online pharmacies are now well established and accepted. However, an Internet pharmacy start up is not as easily created and successfully operated as many people think. Opening up an Internet pharmacy actually takes more planning than probably … Continue reading Online and Internet Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacy

Starting and Opening a Compounding Pharmacy: Compounding  pharmacies are one of the major reasons that specialty pharmacies are showing such a rapid rate of growth as related to new pharmacy startups and pharmacies being opened. Add in the number of existing pharmacies expanding their operations by adding on compounding pharmacy services and the result is a lucrative … Continue reading Compounding Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacies

Starting and Opening a Specialty Pharmacy: Specialty pharmacies have been designated by numerous industry experts as the fastest growing segment of the pharmacy industry. This is based on the number of new specialty pharmacies opening up nationally, plus the rise in the number of existing pharmacies expanding their operations via the addition of specialty pharmacy services. With … Continue reading Specialty Pharmacies

Pharmacy Mobile Apps

Pharmacy Mobile Apps and Pharmacy Phone Applications. Pharmacy mobile apps are appearing everywhere now. Most pharmacy phone applications for both the iPhone and Androids are available for free and are attracting a lot of media attention. Just last week two reviews were published regarding new pharmacy mobile phone apps that are worth taking a look … Continue reading Pharmacy Mobile Apps

Pharmacy Closings and Shutdowns

Several independent community pharmacies shut their doors for good. While the growth of the independent local community pharmacy is on the rise, it is still sad to see the recent closures of many across the nation. Declining reimbursements from insurance companies, reliance on cash purchases, mail-order pharmacies being “pushed ” by insurance companies, and big chain … Continue reading Pharmacy Closings and Shutdowns

USP 797 Compounding Pharmacy Compliance

USP 797 Compounding Compliance. Compliance to USP 797 regarding Pharmacy Compounding is an ongoing and increasingly important issue for all compounding pharmacies to address as quickly as possible. Ever since the 2012 meningitis outbreak that had been linked to the now defunct New England Compounding Center (NECC), increased legislation is constantly being introduced regarding additional compliance regulations for … Continue reading USP 797 Compounding Pharmacy Compliance

Florida Medicaid Managed Care Legislation

Florida Medicaid Managed Care Legislation: The Medicaid Managed Care Networks legislation has been filed in both chambers of the Florida Legislature. The House version is HB 625 and is sponsored by Representative Heather Fitzenhagen. The Senate version, SB 670 was filed by Senator Aaron Bean. It is important to note that neither bill has been referred to … Continue reading Florida Medicaid Managed Care Legislation

Pharmacy Start-ups

Pharmacy Start-ups: Pharmacy start-ups and the opening of new pharmacies are once again on the rise. With specialty pharmacies leading the list, the number of new pharmacies that have opened across the nation rose to the highest level ever in every state during 2016. Of interest to many is the fact that independent retail pharmacies … Continue reading Pharmacy Start-ups

Retail Pharmacist to Hospital Pharmacy Job

Retail Pharmacist to Hospital Pharmacy Job: Many retail Pharmacists have switched to Hospital Pharmacy jobs recently. Hospital Pharmacists decades ago were paid salaries that were lower compared to salaries for retail, community , independent and chain store Pharmacists. Now studies show that the reverse of this is true. Taking into consideration longevity of being in … Continue reading Retail Pharmacist to Hospital Pharmacy Job