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Opening a Successful New Pharmacy Business – What You Need To Know

Opening up a new pharmacy business is really not that much different from starting up any other type of retail enterprise. Aside from the regulations and laws inherently involved in a new pharmacy operation, the basic business startup principles still all apply. Having opened up hundreds of new pharmacies at HCC, here are the general … Continue reading Opening a Successful New Pharmacy Business – What You Need To Know

Pharmacy HIPAA Compliance Policies Procedures

Do you have Pharmacy HIPAA compliance policies and procedures at your pharmacy? Are your employees HIPAA certified? HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is always a topic of discussion when patients start asking their pharmacists and physicians for the receipts of their medical expenditures for tax purposes. This usually starts happening in late November … Continue reading Pharmacy HIPAA Compliance Policies Procedures

Dispensing Error Liability

Dispensing errors in pharmacy are a fact of life. Even with the very best policies and procedures in place, an educated and well trained pharmacy staff performing the necessary steps to ensure safe Rx dispensing, plus an experienced pharmacist performing and overseeing the actual prescription dispensing, the process involves human beings and they are not … Continue reading Dispensing Error Liability

Employee Turnover

Reducing employee turnover is one area that all successful businesses focus on. This is especially true if you own and manage a pharmacy operation. The goal is obviously to attract great employees, but how does a business owner retain them and decrease employee turnover? Losing an employee can hamper a pharmacy business – not only … Continue reading Employee Turnover

Pharmacy Ownership

Pharmacy owners are really no different than the owners of any other types of businesses. Everyone can agree that owning a pharmacy presents the owner with some very unique challenges and requires very specialized knowledge when compared to most other industries. However, the basic rules of running a business still all apply to owning and … Continue reading Pharmacy Ownership

Gag Orders

Gag orders placed on retail pharmacies by insurance companies and PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) hopefully will soon become a thing of the past. For years now both the insurers and the PBMs have restricted pharmacists from telling their patients the truth: that it is often times cheaper for the customer or patient to actually buy … Continue reading Gag Orders

DEA Audits

Pharmacy audits and inspections are a fact of life for every pharmacy and pharmacy owner. It is actually a pretty safe assumption to make these days that your pharmacy will be audited at a minimum of every two years. In this brand new world of computerization, shared databases of controlled substances, prescription data and patient … Continue reading DEA Audits

Pharmacy Specialization

Specialization in the profession of pharmacy has perhaps become the primary area of focus for all pharmacies. Whether you represent a major hospital or healthcare system, or you simply own or manage a small independent retail community pharmacy, specialization may be the key to both the success and profitability of your business operation. The Age of Specialization … Continue reading Pharmacy Specialization

Managing A Pharmacy

Managing a pharmacy is an important part of almost every pharmacy owner’s responsibilities. The day-to-day management of just the pharmacy’s personnel, inventory, customers, vendors and store maintenance issues always seem to take up a majority of an owner’s day… and the list sometimes seems endless. Then add in such critical functions as ensuring that your … Continue reading Managing A Pharmacy

Infusion Pharmacy

Infusion pharmacies are being seen as perhaps the most lucrative type of specialty pharmacy to startup in the near future. Also frequently called IV infusion pharmacies or home infusion pharmacies, several recent studies are projecting enormous growth in the industry. What may be of critical importance is the fact that the rapid and continuous growth … Continue reading Infusion Pharmacy