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Pharmacy Acquisitions

Pharmacy and PBM acquisitions are occurring at a rate never perhaps seen before across the nation. Major purchases, investments, mergers and buyouts are making the headlines daily. Reviewing the top stories on Google just yesterday revealed some major “deals” in the pharmacy industry involving acquisitions, purchases and partnerships that were considered noteworthy by investment firms … Continue reading Pharmacy Acquisitions

Florida Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal currently in Florida for patients with certain qualifying medical conditions. Becoming effective on January 3rd of 2017, Florida joined twenty-eight other states to become the 29th state in the US where medical marijuana can be legally used by its residents. Although technically the use of marijuana is still illegal on the federal … Continue reading Florida Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana And Pharmacies

Medical marijuana is certainly in the news a lot these days. Yet many pharmacists and entrepreneurs are asking a very significant question: How does medical marijuana and cannabis relate to pharmacies? Many point out that the medical marijuana is being used as a treatment for several medical conditions and should therefor be dispensed by pharmacies and … Continue reading Medical Marijuana And Pharmacies

Miami Tampa Pharmacy Jobs

Pharmacy jobs in Miami and Tampa are on the rise. Several positions recently became available in the both Miami-Dade and Tampa metropolitan areas, and we here at Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing are excited about the fact that these regions of the Sunshine State are continuing to show a strong surge of economic growth. The emergence … Continue reading Miami Tampa Pharmacy Jobs

PBM Issues

PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) are drawing significant national media and news attention regarding their role in the problem of  “skyrocketing” healthcare costs across the United States. As we just recently discussed in Florida, this Tuesday (February 20th) the Florida Senate’s Banking and Insurance Committee will be considering SB 1494. The Senate Bill being heard by the committee would … Continue reading PBM Issues

FL Senate Bill 1494

Florida Senate Bill 1494 is scheduled to be heard and discussed this coming Tuesday, February 20th at 1:30 PM by the Florida Senate’s Banking and Insurance Committee. In an attempt to rally proponents of the bill, the Florida Independent Pharmacy Network (FIPN) and several other organizations are urging all advocates of the proposed legislation to contact the … Continue reading FL Senate Bill 1494

Dispensing Error Liabilty

Dispensing errors in pharmacy are a fact of life. Even with the very best policies and procedures in place, an educated and well trained staff performing the necessary steps to ensure safe Rx dispensing, plus an experienced RPh performing and overseeing the actual prescription dispensing, the process involves human beings and not robots. The point … Continue reading Dispensing Error Liabilty

Compounding Pharmacy Safety

Compounding pharmacies and improving patient safety have been an ongoing topic of conversation and legislative discussion for the past five years now. It is hard to believe that it has actually been 5 years since the tragic deaths associated with the NECC (New England Compounding Center) occurred. Remembered as one of the worst pharmacy related health … Continue reading Compounding Pharmacy Safety

Pharmacy 45th Best Job In US

Pharmacy as a job is only the 45th best job to work and have in the USA? Many people seem somewhat surprised that working as a pharmacist is considered to be only the forty-fifth best job to have in the nation. In addition to the “Best Paying Job” rankings we previously discussed, US News also … Continue reading Pharmacy 45th Best Job In US

Pharmacist In Charge PIC Job Orlando Florida

Pharmacist In Charge PIC job position is currently available in Orlando, Florida and the Central Florida metropolitan area. HCC is actively seeking to fill this PIC (Pharmacist In Charge) position as soon as possible. This PIC job that’s located in Orlando, Florida is with an established Specialty Pharmacy. Pharmacist In Charge PIC Job In Orlando … Continue reading Pharmacist In Charge PIC Job Orlando Florida