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GHRP is short for “Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide” and is in the category of drugs known as Growth Hormone Secretagogues (GHS). These peptides actually stimulate the body’s natural release of the naturally occurring growth hormone (GH), primarily by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more GH. The GHRPs of most interest are GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Hexarelin, … Continue reading GHRP

503A Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies and 503A specialty pharmacies have been the center of  FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) focus ever since the tragic 64 deaths associated with the NECC (New England Compounding Center) occurred back in 2012. The 64 patients that died and the 750+ others that were injured due to the contaminated drugs compounded by … Continue reading 503A Pharmacies

503B Outsourcing Facilities – Are You in Compliance?

A lot of discussion about how FDA 503B inspections are having a huge impact on 503B outsourcing facilities and their operations. It’s easy to see that being prepared with your 503B P&P manual up to date is the key to a successful inspection results and compliance audit outcomes. The Drug Quality and Security Act, signed … Continue reading 503B Outsourcing Facilities – Are You in Compliance?

New Specialty Pharmacy Startup

Specialty pharmacy startups are again at the forefront of discussions based on a recent article just released by HealthLeaders Magazine (a division of Simplify Compliance). The study states that commercial pharmacy spending in the USA has risen to a new rate that greatly exceeds the five year average of a 14% increase. In fact, the … Continue reading New Specialty Pharmacy Startup

Choosing Pharmacy Consulting Firm

The definition of a true consultant is an individual who is able to give you expert and professional advice. There comes a time in every business when an objective, qualified and experienced third party is necessary to help guide, direct or advise the owner or your management team. This is true for most pharmacy operations, … Continue reading Choosing Pharmacy Consulting Firm

Pharmacy Information Systems

Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS) have evolved over the years to become a core component of any successful pharmacy operation. Whether it’s a hospital setting, a clinic or even a specialty pharmacy business, these complex and sophisticated computer software systems continue to evolve and their functionality is ever expanding. Sometimes they are also referred to as … Continue reading Pharmacy Information Systems

Pharmacy Consulting

Why A Pharmacy Consulting Firm? In a traditional independent retail pharmacy setting, many pharmacy owners, Prescription Department Managers (PDM) and Pharmacists in Charge (PIC) ask themselves this question: “Perhaps I could use some expert advice on some of the business decisions that are being made here?”. The use of an objective and experienced third-party pharmacy … Continue reading Pharmacy Consulting

Pharmacist Jobs for Extra Money

Here at HCC we’re hoping that everyone had a great year and that 2019 will be even better! Now’s the time that many pharmacists are setting goals for the new year, and increasing their income is one goal that many obviously have on their list. Perhaps picking up some steady part time work or occasionally … Continue reading Pharmacist Jobs for Extra Money

Medication Errors

Medication errors occur in a pharmacy under the best of conditions. However, a previous Missouri court ruling regarding a pharmacy medication dispensing error clearly shows that a lack of proper supervision, documentation and up-to-date policies and procedures will not be tolerated when the public’s safety is placed in jeopardy as a result. In an excellent … Continue reading Medication Errors

New Pharmacies and Ownership

New pharmacy startups and the opening of brand-new pharmacy operations are occurring at a faster rate this year than ever before seen. Just reviewing the first two weeks of November this year reveals a staggering number of new retail community pharmacy businesses being opened and successfully established all across the entire fifty United States. Considering … Continue reading New Pharmacies and Ownership