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Orlando and Central Florida Pharmacist Jobs 

Registered Pharmacist jobs and positions (R. Ph.) are currently on the rise throughout the Orlando and Central Florida metropolitan area. Licensed pharmacists are currently in demand due to the immense population explosion that is occurring in the Orlando area. With Orlando being the second fastest growing city in the United States according to Forbes Magazine, … Continue reading Orlando and Central Florida Pharmacist Jobs 

Emergency Pharmacist Positions and the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has dominated the news recently and is the singular topic of discussion for the vast majority of people across the country for obvious reasons. Yet, until recently, the pharmacy profession had received very little public attention as it relates to the rapid spread of the virus in the United States and the precautions … Continue reading Emergency Pharmacist Positions and the Coronavirus

Relief Pharmacist Jobs

Years ago the term “relief pharmacy jobs” was a term that one never really heard very frequently. In the not too distant past, if a pharmacist was ill, went on a vacation, or simply needed time off for an unscheduled absence (such as a death in their family), his or her co-workers simply worked overtime … Continue reading Relief Pharmacist Jobs

Pharmacist Recruitment Firm

Pharmacy owners and managers are all faced with the same dilemma – “How do we hire the right Pharmacist for the job?”. As everyone already knows, it is more than simply finding a “warm body” to fill the position. It requires that the candidate posses the right skill sets, qualifications, licensing requirements and experience to … Continue reading Pharmacist Recruitment Firm

Need Relief or Temporary Pharmacist

The issue of getting qualified relief or temporary pharmacist staffing when you suddenly need a pharmacist became an even larger one based on the news the past several weeks regarding two pharmacy schools either losing their accreditation or facing the possibility of losing it. Let’s quickly discuss the two cases receiving all of this media … Continue reading Need Relief or Temporary Pharmacist

Pharmacy Drug Shortages in 2020

Drug shortages are always a frustrating situation for everyone involved in patient medical healthcare: the physicians, the nurses, the pharmacists and obviously the patient. The pharmacist certainly cannot fill the prescription for a medication that is unavailable, the nurse in clinical settings cannot administer to their patients what the pharmacy can’t supply to them, the … Continue reading Pharmacy Drug Shortages in 2020

Medication Errors

Medication errors occur in a pharmacy under the best of conditions. However, a previous Missouri court ruling regarding a pharmacy medication dispensing error clearly shows that a lack of proper supervision, documentation and up-to-date policies and procedures will not be tolerated when the public’s safety is placed in jeopardy as a result. In an excellent … Continue reading Medication Errors

New Pharmacies and Ownership

New pharmacy startups and the opening of brand-new retail community pharmacies are occurring at a faster rate this year than ever before seen. Just reviewing the first three to four weeks of January this year reveals a staggering number of new retail community pharmacy businesses being opened and successfully established all across the entire fifty … Continue reading New Pharmacies and Ownership

Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedures

Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual Custom P&P manuals are now a must! Every pharmacy must have written policies and procedures in a Policy and Procedure manual. According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) every state and the majority of third party PBMs have specific policy requirements that the pharmacy is expected … Continue reading Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedures

Opening New Pharmacy

The opening up and start-ups of new retail pharmacies are once again on the rise. With the explosion of specialty pharmacies leading the list over the past decade, the number of new pharmacies that have opened across the nation rose to the highest level ever in every state during 2019. Of interest to many is … Continue reading Opening New Pharmacy