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Pharmacy Specialization

Specialization in the profession of pharmacy has perhaps become the primary area of focus for all pharmacies. Whether you represent a major hospital or healthcare system, or you simply own or manage a small independent retail community pharmacy, specialization may be the key to both the success and profitability of your business operation. The Age of Specialization … Continue reading Pharmacy Specialization

Managing A Pharmacy

Managing a pharmacy is an important part of almost every pharmacy owner’s responsibilities. The day-to-day management of just the pharmacy’s personnel, inventory, customers, vendors and store maintenance issues always seem to take up a majority of an owner’s day… and the list sometimes seems endless. Then add in such critical functions as ensuring that your … Continue reading Managing A Pharmacy

Infusion Pharmacy

Infusion pharmacies are being seen as perhaps the most lucrative type of specialty pharmacy to startup in the near future. Also frequently called IV infusion pharmacies or home infusion pharmacies, several recent studies are projecting enormous growth in the industry. What may be of critical importance is the fact that the rapid and continuous growth … Continue reading Infusion Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician Drug Thefts

The majority of healthcare professionals in the pharmacy profession are trustworthy people who find fulfillment in providing such important services to patients and playing an important role working with the other members of the healthcare community. Everyone here at Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing strongly believes in the integrity, honesty and the high moral standards that … Continue reading Pharmacy Technician Drug Thefts

Drug Disposal Options

Drug disposal programs were seen as a significant step forward in the fight against the national opioid crisis when the DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Administration) announced that both pharmacies and police stations were being allowed to collect unused prescription drugs from the public to be destroyed. The Drug Take Back Programs that were instituted … Continue reading Drug Disposal Options

Closing A Pharmacy

The closing of a pharmacy or the shutting down of a community drugstore is often times a very unpleasant experience. It normally is a very sad  undertaking for everyone, including the pharmacy’s owners, their staff and the patients who must now get their prescriptions transferred and filled elsewhere. With the documented decline across the entire … Continue reading Closing A Pharmacy

Negative Rx News

Pharmacy has always been an easy target for the news media in regards to negative news stories and sensationalism. With a journalistic history for ‘grabbing” the public’s attention, the profession of pharmacy makes for a variety of fascinating  news topics on both the national and local levels in the media. Rated second behind only nurses … Continue reading Negative Rx News

Pharmacist Salaries

Pharmacist salaries are always an important consideration when an R.Ph. is considering a job change. Although everyone agrees that it should not be the only consideration, salary is obviously a primary topic of discussion when it comes to the subjects of permanent placement or direct hire with both our clients and pharmacist candidates. It is … Continue reading Pharmacist Salaries

Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedures

Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual Custom P&P manuals are now a must! Every pharmacy must have written policies and procedures in a Policy and Procedure manual. According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) every state and the majority of third party PBMs have specific policy requirements that the pharmacy is expected … Continue reading Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedures

Why Pharmacy Consulting

Why do I need to hire a pharmacy consulting firm? When should I consider hiring a pharmacy consulting firm? Both are valid questions that every pharmacy owner and manager should be consistently asking themselves. After discussing some tips on how to choose and interview pharmacy consultants in order to select the best fit for your … Continue reading Why Pharmacy Consulting