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Consultant pharmacy is the specialized field where many pharmacists provide advice on drug and medicine usage or pharmacy services to institutions such as nursing homes and other long term care facilities. A Consulting Pharmacist provides expert advice on medication usage and drug review in institutions and a wide variety of settings such as assisted living facilities (ALF), hospice settings, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. With the rising increase of senior citizens and senior health services, consultant pharmacy has become a specialized field that is in high demand.

Consultant pharmacists provide services that may include:
– Counseling of patients and other health care professionals
– Development of Policies and Procedures
– Review of medications and drug regimens
– Drug monitoring and recommendations to physicians
– Nutritional planning and assessment
– Pain management monitoring and adjustments
– Prosthetic and surgical device fitting

In the State of Florida the requirements to become a Consultant Pharmacist are laid out in Section 465 of the Pharmacy regulations and require that a pharmacist:

– Hold a pharmacist license that is active and in good standing
– Complete a 12 hour accredited Consultant Pharmacist course in Florida
– Successfully complete an assessment and evaluation within a year of completing the accredited Consultant Pharmacist course under the supervision of a qualified monitoring preceptor
– Perform an additional 12 hours of approved Continuing Education to renew annually

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