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HCC is the pharmacy consulting company that is experienced and nationally known for starting (pharmacy start-up), moving and expanding pharmacies on a national basis. In the business for over 25 years , Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing has helped hundreds of satisfied pharmacy owners though the process. There have been many openings and pharmacy relocating happening recently. Just a few examples in the recent news include:

– In Georgetown, Ma. the new Central Street Pharmacy opened for business in early February. The owners already operate a Health Mart pharmacy in Winchester, Ma. The independent pharmacy is located in area that most customers have only been able to experience pharmacy services located in chain store environments. The new pharmacy offers it’s patients home delivery service, as well as personalized medication calendars and packaging. “The independent pharmacy caters to the individual rather than a ‘fill it and move it along’ (mentality),”owner Shaun Thompson said. “The techs and the staff all know your name when you come in the door. When you come in, we’re not trying to rush you out.”

– In Plano, Texas, Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy is opening up a new location. Sheldon’s Pharmacy already has two locations in Bowling Green, one in Franklin and three in Indiana, The new pharmacy will part of a healthcare clinic that should open in the next month or two. Charles Fortney, president of administrative services for the clinic, said a location in Plano will help serve more people who might not otherwise be able to get to one of their local pharmacies. “There’s a lot of folks that live out there that may not want to drive into town,” he said.

– In Clayton, Mo. Jennifer’s Pharmacy and Soda Shoppe is moving to a new location. The natural-healing pharmacy and accompanying lunch counter nearly doubled its space back in 2005, but due to leasing difficulties has decided to relocate it’s pharmacy location. The owner expects the new pharmacy to be open by the end of the month. Jennifer’s Pharmacy will focus on natural healing, vitamin supplements, therapy, natural skin care and more. Starting, opening, renovating and relocating a pharmacy is a task that most people cannot or do not want to do on their own.

There are many factors to consider in the planning, execution and long-term success of building, opening and maintaining a new pharmacy business. Planning and execution are keys to a smooth pharmacy operation being opened and becoming a successful business. Some of the considerations and tasks that Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing can provide include:

– Creation and review of a business plan
– Evaluation of proposed business location
– Design recommendations
– Obtaining financing
– Assistance and guidance in the application process
– Provide a Pharmacy Manger for both the application process and inspection
– Provide a list of equipment and supplies (both for the Board of Pharmacy inspection and the actual pharmacy operations)
– Make arrangements for the final inspection of the facility (including a mock-inspection)
– Suggestions for vendors
– Provide legal support
– Provide staffing

If you are considering building, purchasing or expanding an existing pharmacy operation, we strongly urge you to get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We offer you the support of an experienced staff who have been through the process many times and know the business inside and out! Whether you are a seasoned business professional with experience opening new pharmacies or simply considering a pharmacy venture as a new experience as a business investment, HCC can help. With over 25 years experience, Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing can help you. We have helped hundreds of business owners (pharmacists and non-pharmacists) establish new pharmacy practices over the years. Contact us on line or call us today for a Free Consultation at 800-642-1652 to discuss how we can help you.

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