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A pharmacist job was just ranked as the twenty-first (21st) best paying position in the nation to have and work in for 2018 by US News in their annual “Best Paying Jobs” report. According to the 2018 rankings in their “Money” section, US News lists the pharmacy profession as having an average salary as a practicing Registered Pharmacist of just over $122,000 annually.

pharmacy jobsPharmacy Job Salaries – Interesting Report Findings

When reviewing the 2018 rankings by US News for salaries in the United States by profession, several interesting observations and conclusions can be made.

  1. Of the twenty jobs ranked above the profession of pharmacy, eleven (11) are also in the healthcare field. In fact, the first ten are either doctors, physicians or dentists:
    #1 Anesthesiologist
    #2 Surgeon
    #3 Obstetrician and Gynecologist
    #4 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
    #5 Orthodontist
    #6 Physician
    #7 Psychiatrist
    #8 Pediatrician
    #9 Dentist
    #10 Prosthodontist
  2. Of particular interest to many are some of the next ten professions that were ranked nationally above pharmacists in regards to their average annual salaries. These included:
    – Petroleum Engineers #12
    – IT Managers #13
    – Marketing Managers #14
    – Lawyers #16
    – Sales Managers #18
    – Financial Advisers #19
    – Business Operations Managers #20
    What should be noted when looking over this second group of ten professions and jobs ranked as having annual salaries greater than pharmacists is the fact that US News broke out “Managers’ as a completely separate group or job category in several of the professions. These included Marketing, Sales, IT and Business Operations. One would expect that had they broken out “Pharmacy Managers” as a separate job type or category, then their annual salaries would have moved them above several of the other job classifications on the list.
  3. According to the US News rankings, the annual median salary for a pharmacist nationally is $122,230. As previously discussed, when taking a closer look at recent pharmacist job statistics, this can be somewhat misleading. The type of pharmacy job is definitely becoming a major factor in regards to pharmacist salaries. With the United States Department of Labor (USDL) predicting a drop in retail pharmacy jobs and an increase in hospital positions of over 10% during the next decade, one may expect that retail versus hospital pharmacy job salaries will reflect this shift. Additionally, when discussing an RPh’s salary, geography has been thoroughly documented as a dominating factor across the USA. One cannot compare median annual salaries in states such as California or New York to the worst states for pharmacy job salaries such as Arkansas, Nevada and New Mexico. As a realistic example, we have seen documented a national high of over $165,000 in Santa Cruz, California to a low of $46,500 in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico when comparing annual RPh salaries. The US News admittedly was only actually able to analyze roughly ten percent of all the pharmacist job salaries nationally, seeing a range of a high of just under $158,000 and a low of just over $87,000. However, they failed to note where the highs and lows were geographically located, plus what segment of the pharmacy profession’s specialties were associated with the numbers.

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