Pharmacy Jobs For Multiple Licensure

Jobs for Pharmacists With Multiple State Licenses

Many pharmacists have active licenses in more than one state. Those that do are in demand currently in the job market. As an example, HCC currently has numerous jobs in Florida for pharmacists for positions that require the pharmacist to be licensed in additional states.

License reciprocity between various states can be a complicated process depending upon which state(s) a pharmacist is currently licensed in and which state the pharmacist is looking to practice in. Many states allow for reciprocity, yet several do not. Additionally, many states that do offer reciprocity have several conditions and qualifiers involved for the applicant to obtain it.

Examples of State Licensure Reciprocity For Pharmacists –

Several examples that demonstrate the different approaches that several states take in relation to license reciprocity are as follows:

  • Alabama allows reciprocity, but all applicants must be personally interviewed by the Board. However, Alabama does NOT allow reciprocity with California or Florida.
  • California does NOT allow reciprocity at all with any other states.
  • Connecticut does allow reciprocity. However, all applicants must pass the Connecticut MPJE and have an interview with the Pharmacy Board.
  • Florida does not allow reciprocity, but practices Endorsement. In this scenario the applicant must show active practice for 2 years in the 5 years prior to application & 30 hours of CE in the 2 years prior to the application.
  • Hawaii does allow for reciprocity, however applicants licensed in Florida and California cannot apply by reciprocity.
  • North Carolina also allows for reciprocity. However, an applicant must attend a reciprocity interview after completing applications and passing MPJE. Additionally, North Carolina does not reciprocate with California.

Some states make reciprocity easy. Examples such as Mississippi, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Maryland simply say: “We Reciprocate!”.

Some state requirements are complex and involved. An excellent example is Pennsylvania. In PA, the State Board of Pharmacy states: “Yes, we reciprocate. However, applicants must pass the PA MPJE if obtained initial license after Jan. 26, 1983 and did not pass the FDLE for the license which is the basis of the license transfer. Applicants licensed prior to Jan. 26, 1983 do not have to take the PA MPJE. Applicants licensed after Jan. 26, 1983 that took and passed the FDLE for the license which is the basis of the license transfer, do not have to take the PA MPJE”.


Many states utilize what is know as the MPJE as a “clearinghouse” to meet their reciprocation requirements pertaining to their State Board of Pharmacy qualification rules and standards. The MPJE stands for Multi-state Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination. It consists of both the federal/national requirements and includes state specific questions to test the pharmacist’s knowledge regarding specific states that the candidate is attempting to get licensed in. In other words, states utilize it sort of like an examination regarding pharmacy law in the participating state. The NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) is in charge of it.

For excellent information on the entire process (including the registration process, testing and exam requirements and instructions), we recommend that you download the NAPLEX/MPJE Registration Bulletin.

Contact HCC For Pharmacy Jobs Requiring Multiple State Licences –

If you are a pharmacist looking for a new position and currently hold multiple state licences, we urge you to contact us today online or call us at 800-642-1652 to discuss the positions that we currently have available. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding state license reciprocity and rules, talk to an expert. Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing has been in the business of helping pharmacists for over 25 years. Our primary business has been centered around pharmacy staffing – the placement of pharmacists in part-time and permanent jobs, and we focus on finding the right working environment for each individual pharmacist and situation.

Whatever type of position and geographical setting a pharmacist is looking to work in, HCC can help. Our pharmacy positions cover all aspects of job types: retail, hospital, clinical and specialty pharmacies. We offer solutions for almost every type of pharmacy job you may be looking for:
Compounding pharmacy
Retail pharmacy (independent community and chain store)
Specialty pharmacy
– Nursing Home & Long Term Care pharmacy
– Institutional (prisons and jails) pharmacy
– Hospice pharmacy
Mail-order pharmacy
– Home health pharmacy
– Respiratory pharmacy
– Infusion and IV pharmacy
– Nuclear pharmacy

Take a few minutes and contact us today online or call us at 800-642-1652 to discuss the positions that we currently have available. We may have the perfect open position available that you are looking for!

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