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Are you considering opening up a new Pharmacy in 2015? Many pharmacies are being opened recently with the independent community centered approach that made the “corner drugstores” on Main Street an American icon. The “corner drugstores” have always been an integral part of communities both large and small. They’re the focus of old Norman Rockwell paintings perhaps, but they are making a comeback! Many pharmacists are finding the opening of the local “corner drugstore” to be very a very profitable venture. Many are being well received by local communities and the support many have experienced is beyond many pharmacist’s expectations.

A great example is the opening of Premier Pharmacy in Newland, North Carolina. The pharmacy is truly a great attempt at returning to the old fashioned, smaller town version of pharmacy. Owner Edward Dea had worked for a large pharmacy chain and decided to listen to what the local citizens wanted: a more personalized pharmacy experience. “We had a lot of people that seemed not happy and wanted another place to go,” Dea said. In addition to filling prescriptions, Premier Pharmacy offers immunization shots, essential oils, in-house Medicare and insurance consultations and other drugstore sundries. The storefront features old hardwood floors, a simple layout and a counter that is about 100 years old. Premier Pharmacy is a step back in time. “We want to have the look of an old-fashioned pharmacy,” Dea said. “Other pharmacies have all that food and cosmetics. We’re trying to stay a pharmacy.” Premier Pharmacy is also focused on old-fashioned personal service.

Another good example is Volunteer Pharmacy that will be opening on December 5th in Maryville, Tennessee. Dr. Ashleigh Freeman, pharmacy manager at the Maryville location, said services include free delivery, prescription compounding and Medication Therapy Management. “We are an independent pharmacy with a hometown feel. We strive to give personalized attention for each patient’s individual health care needs,” she said. “We have a very relaxing lobby where patients can have a cup of coffee and sit by the fire while they are waiting on their prescription,” Freeman said.

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