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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Development

Every pharmacy is required to have a policy and procedure manual. Every state and most PBMs have specific policy requirements that the pharmacy is expected to incorporate into their manuals. Most importantly, the pharmacy is expected to adhere to their own policies and procedures.

Merely possessing a generic P&P manual is not enough. This manual must contain the required policies and reflect the actual procedures of the pharmacy.

But where do you start? You start with HCC!

Our regulatory and operations consultants can assist your staff in developing or customizing a P&P manual that is sufficient and specific. We will also create a process that will allow your pharmacy manager to update and modify the policies, as needed.

HCC’s experts have years of experience in P&P development and operational evaluation, and can provide your pharmacy team with valuable insights and recommendations. Let HCC help you.