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Florida Registered Pharmacy Technician and CPhT Jobs

Florida Registered Pharmacy Technician and CPhT Jobs

With COVID-19 cases rising in many states, and flu season on its way, CVS just announced that it’s planning to add an additional 15,000 pharmacy workers by the end of 2020 in order to handle the steadily rising numbers of COVID-19 infections seen currently in many states and the flu season just around the corner. The big-chain retail giant stated that the majority of these new employees will be technicians who will assist with COVID-19 testing, flu shots and maybe even the administration of an eventual COVID-19 vaccine in patients.

As is the case in most states, pharmacy technicians are an integral part of the pharmacy team in Florida. Officially known as CPhT’s, pharmacy technicians play a significant role in all pharmacy types such as retail community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, long term care facilities, specialty pharmacies, compounding pharmacies and mail-order pharmacy operations. The pharmacy technicians in Florida even contribute by working in additional ancillary environments outside of actual pharmacy roles in various other industries including insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical software development firms.

Who Regulates Pharmacy Technicians in Florida?

The governance and regulating of pharmacy technicians in Florida is performed by the Florida Board of Pharmacy as specified by the 2016 Florida Statutes 465.014 of the Florida Legislature. As mandated, any pharmacy technician working in Florida must be registered with the Florida Board of Pharmacy and must first go through the required application process. Along with the registration application form itself and the submission of a technician’s social security form, the applicant must also have completed a Florida Pharmacy Board approved pharmacy technician training program to receive their certification. Some of the pharmacy technician training programs that are approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy include the programs provided by ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists), SASCOC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), CIE (Florida Commission for Independent Education) and the COE (Council on Occupational Education). Additionally, any pharmacy technician that has served in the US armed forces (and has proof of training program completion) may apply for registration in Florida. There are also various “employer based” pharmacy technician training programs that have been approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy. To see if a particular “employer based” pharmacy technician training program is approved, simply go to Florida Health or Department of Health License Verification and search under “Pharmacy Technician Training Programs.”

Continuing Education (CE) for registered pharmacy technicians in Florida is required annually. The annual CE requirements total 20 hours and are broken done as:
– 18 General hours (these can be either ACPE or Board approved)
– 2 Medication Errors hours (must be  Board approved)
Additionally, 4 hours of the total 20 CE hours required for the annual registration renewal must be live (i. e. the technician must physically attend a Board approved CE session).

For more information on Pharmacy Technicians in all other states than Florida, the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) is an excellent resource available to everyone. In most cases, the State Board of Pharmacy offers guidance on becoming a CPhT in their individual state (and information on becoming registered and Continuing Education requirements for their individual state).

What are a Pharmacy Technician’s Job Roles and Tasks?

Working under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist, pharmacy technicians provide invaluable support to patients by their contributions to the patient’s medication delivery, compliance and overall drug therapies. Job duties for pharmacy technicians vary by setting, but may include involvement in the preparation and dispensing of medications and IV solutions, communication with patients, physician’s offices and insurance companies and various additional pharmacy administrative roles.
As of April 15th of 2016 the rules for the pharmacist to registered technician ratios (64B16-27.4001, 64B16—27.410, 64B16-27.420, 64B16-27.430, 64B16-27.440) still allow for a 1:1 ratio of one registered pharmacist supervising one registered pharmacy technician. However, the provisions allow for the following ratios to be in place:
– A 3:1 ratio – registered technicians assisting with delegable tasks involving sterile compounding
– A 4:1 ratio – as long as delegable tasks do not include sterile compounding
– A 6:1 ratio – pharmacies that don’t dispense medicinal drugs and delegable tasks do not include sterile compounding
Any ratios outside of these need to be approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy.

Delegable Tasks Vs. Non-Delegable Tasks for Pharmacy Technicians

What are termed as “Delegable Tasks” that may be performed by a registered pharmacy technician under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist in Florida include:
– Data entry of patient information and medications
– Retrieval of prescription files (including a patient’s files and profile information)
– The labeling of prescriptions
– Counting, measuring, weighing, and pouring of prescription or stock drugs (including legend drugs and controlled substances)
– Accepting a physician’s authorization to refill an existing prescription that has no refills remaining
– Filling of an automated medication system
– Participation in quality improvement related events, meetings, or presentations

What are termed as “Non-Delegable Tasks” that may NOT be performed by a registered pharmacy technician include:
– Engaging a patient or family member in any form of patient counseling
– Preparing a copy of a prescription or reading a prescription to any person for purpose of providing reference concerning treatment of the person or animal for whom the prescription was written
– Engaging in any act that requires the exercise of a registered pharmacist’s professional judgment.

About Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing

As always, Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing is here to answer any questions that you may have regarding Registered Pharmacy Technicians and CPhT’s in Florida. With our corporate headquarters located in Florida, HCC has been matching the right Registered Pharmacy Technician to the right job and employer for over 31+ years now. If you are currently looking for a pharmacy technician to fill a job or position in Florida, please see more about our Pharmacy Technician Staffing Services. If you are a registered pharmacy technician actively looking for a job or position in Florida, please see more about our Technician Job and Placement Services and jobs currently available (including any current job openings in the Orlando, Miami, Tampa or Jacksonville metropolitan areas). In either case, we urge you to talk with us. Contact us today online or call us at 800-642-1652 to explore how we can help you.

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Pharmacy Technician Jobs Available in Florida

Pharmacy Technician Staffing and ResponsibilitiesPharmacy technicians provide invaluable support to pharmacists throughout the State of Florida. Since 1989, HCC (Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing) has been placing certified, highly trained, professional pharmacy technicians throughout Florida (including the Tampa, Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville areas). Currently statistics show that there are over 30,000 pharmacy technicians being employed in Florida with an average salary of over  $33,000 as of February 26, 2020 (but the average salary range typically falls between $29,980 and $37,085 annually). For complete information regarding becoming a registered pharmacy technician in Florida and their tasks performed, please click here.

Looking for Qualified Registered Pharmacy Tech(s) in Florida?

Whether they are needed to help expedite prescriptions, count, mix, pour, weigh, retrieve, or measure medications, they offer experience to serve your needs and help with your pharmacy business and patients. As you may already have done business with HCC in helping you meet your needs with part time relief and full time pharmacist staffing, you can count on us for outstanding customer service and to deliver the best technician candidates available to fill your pharmacy technician staffing needs. Please note that we deal exclusively with technician placement only in the State of Florida. Additionally, here at HCC our pharmacist relief and temporary staffing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. HCC maintains one of the largest active pools of relief and temporary pharmacists in the nation, allowing us to quickly locate available, qualified and reliable temp and relief pharmacists for you in the following states:
– Florida
– Georgia
– Texas
– North Carolina
– South Carolina
– Alabama

Additionally, Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing has been a national leader in regards to pharmacy recruitment, permanent placement and direct hire of pharmacists throughout the entire USA (in all fifty states) since 1989. Pharmacist recruitment, permanent placement and direct hire have been our specialty for over 31+ years now, as HCC deals with all aspects of matching the correct pharmacist to the job description requirements and to the employer’s needs in every type of situation and setting. Our in-house staffing experts have experience nationally in all 50 states with all pharmacy job types: retail, hospital, clinical, institutional, compounding, mail-order and all types of specialty pharmacies. We also offer a six month pro-rated satisfaction guarantee!

If you are a pharmacy located in Florida and are in need of hiring qualified registered technicians for your pharmacy operation or business, please contact us online now, or simply call us now at 1-800-642-1652. One of our experienced in-house technician placement specialists will get back to you right away to assist you in finding the right technician to best meet your unique pharmacies’ needs and fill your position. As with our pharmacist staffing services, HCC offers the same satisfaction guarantee for technician recruitment that we 0ffer with our pharmacist staffing services!

Looking for a New Job as a Registered Pharmacy Technician in Florida?

If you are a licensed and registered pharmacy technician in Florida looking for a new opportunity or job, we strongly suggest you contact us today. HCC can place you in a variety of pharmacy types throughout Florida (including retail, hospital, institutional, specialty, compounding, mail-order, clinical and other pharmacy settings and operation types). We currently are looking to place certified pharmacy techs in the Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville Florida areas. Most of these job opportunities are full-time (40 hours per work) positions for at least the next year. Call us now at 800-642-1652, or click here NOW to apply online and to provide us with your availability. One of our experienced in-house technician placement specialists will get back to you right away with additional information and will assist you in finding the right employment opportunity to best meet your needs and lifestyle.


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