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Pharmacist Jobs for Extra Money

Pharmacist Jobs for Extra Money

Part Time Temporary Pharmacist JobsHere at HCC we’re hoping that everyone had a great year and that 2022 will be even better! Now’s the time that many pharmacists are setting goals for this new year, and increasing their income is one goal that many obviously have on their list. Perhaps picking up some steady part time work or occasionally filling in as a relief pharmacist is on your New Year’s resolution list this year? If so, then Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing (HCC) is the pharmacy staffing agency that can help you to meet your 2022 goals!

How Pharmacists Can Earn Extra Money

While once reading an interesting post to pharmacists who want to make extra money and additional income titled “3 Ways to Pick Up Extra Cash in Addition to Your Pharmacy Career” , Tony Guerra, PharmD makes some very valid points. As an adjunct to practicing pharmacy, he mentions the following opportunities or paths that some R. Ph’s have followed to increase their annual incomes:
– Tutoring
– Authoring and writing
– Salesperson and selling

However, there are some obvious problems seen in actually pursuing these paths as viable sources for generating additional income:
– Time:
It takes a lot of time to become a tutor, author or salesperson. It took each of us 5+ years to become a registered pharmacist. Adding the education that’s required for another profession is a time consuming undertaking. Who really wants to go back to studying and when does anyone really have the time that’s required?
– ROI:
Return on your investment of time may be worth the effort….. but it may not. Using “Author” as an example, the time invested (not to mention the money involved to get published) may be wasted if no one buys your books! Obviously if a person is interested in learning about a subject then it’s a viable endeavor, but not one that guarantees additional income if that is your goal.
– Passion:
Almost every pharmacist that I’ve ever met is extremely passionate about their profession. Although many tutors, authors and salespeople are passionate about what they do, the question to ask yourself is: “Would I be passionate about doing this?”. If the answer is maybe or no, then perhaps there are ways to make more money that allow you do what you’re already good at and enjoy doing: practicing the Profession of Pharmacy.

What’s the Solution to Increase RPh Income 

The simplest answer is often times the correct choice according to an old rule that many of us learned in college called Occam’s Razor (Who would of thought that we would ever quote this rule or use any of that calculus?). Work part time! At your convenience you can make additional income right now with little or no additional time, training or risk involved. Perhaps many pharmacists are not even aware of the current need for temporary relief and emergency pharmacists.

In fact, there’s currently a staggering demand for qualified pharmacists currently judging by the number of jobs for pharmacists in the United States available right now. Yet how does a pharmacist find the best fit for themselves to make extra money in 2022 (both skill-wise and geographically)? Again, the simple answer is the obvious answer as Occam realized: Simply talk to the nation’s best pharmacy staffing firm!

The Nation’s Leading Pharmacy Staffing Agency

Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing has been a national leader in regards to temporary pharmacist staffing and is known as a “full service” pharmacy staffing company since 1989. With all the services that we provide to both pharmacies and pharmacists, it it sometimes easy to overlook the fact the we are one of the nation’s most successful and respected staffing and placement firms in the pharmacy employment area. Pharmacy staffing and job placement have been our primary business for over 33+ years now. HCC deals with all aspects of matching a pharmacist to the right job in every type of situation. This includes filling short term pharmacy positions and temporary jobs, as well as direct hire,  permanent and long term placements. We also can help with temp-to-perm situations.

Whatever setting a pharmacist is looking to work in and whatever special needs a pharmacy may be searching for, HCC can help. Our pharmacy positions and staffing availability cover all aspects of job types: retail, hospital, clinical and specialty pharmacies. We offer solutions for almost every type of pharmacy job you may be looking for:

– Compounding pharmacy and pharmacist
– Specialty pharmacy and pharmacist
– Nursing Home & Long Term Care pharmacy and pharmacist
– Institutional (prisons and jails) pharmacy and pharmacist
– Hospice pharmacy and pharmacist
– Mail-order pharmacy and pharmacist
– Home health pharmacy and pharmacist
– Respiratory pharmacy and pharmacist
– IV pharmacy and pharmacist
– Nuclear pharmacy and pharmacist
– Home infusion pharmacy and pharmacist

If you are a pharmacist looking for part time opportunities to earn more cash, we urge you to talk with us. With positions immediately available, contact us today online or call us at 800-642-1652 to get started. Making additional in 2022 starts by calling HCC today!

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