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Amazons Effects On Pharmacist Staffing And Salaries

Amazons Effects On Pharmacist Staffing And Salaries

amazon pharmacy and how it is affecting pharmacist hiring and salariesOnline retail giant Amazon has dominated the recent media and news channels with its opening of an online retail pharmacy. The pharmacy can be found at and is basically a self-supporting website that’s actually separated from their primary online website. The website is basically designed for patients to have their prescriptions prescribed by their doctor or physician, then filled and delivered to you by Amazon Pharmacy. This Amazon Pharmacy business model very much is based on the concept of mail order pharmacies: Get the patient or customer to place the initial order initiated by their doctor, then continuously provide the customers with refills shipped to them at certain time intervals such as 30, 60 or 90 days.

What Amazon Pharmacy Offers Patients

Amazon certainly has been planning this move for a long time. Way back in August 2017, the big news of the day centered around their plans to enter the prescription drug arena by developing an online presence. We even discussed how Amazon would affect existing mail-order pharmacy operations and retail community pharmacy businesses by doing it.

So after almost three years of discussion and careful planning, Amazon pulls the trigger and opens their Amazon Pharmacy doors to the public. Rx fulfillment, dispensing and shipping are what they offer. Yet they are able to make the following promises to potential patients (customers):

  1. Providing prescription pharmacy pricing that’s “clear and understandable”
  2. Secure patient medical records
  3. Always having a Pharmacist available for patients (customers) to speak with and receive a personal consultation if necessary
  4. Never again standing in a line at a pharmacy
  5. Never having to worry again about your medications and refills (in other words, peace of mind and no anxiety for their patients)

It is very clear to see that Amazon Pharmacy offers something of “perceived” value to both potential new patients, and to their existing customer base. Ease of use online with a well thought out website, great pricing, no lines to stand in while waiting for your prescriptions, plus the peace of mind that Amazon’s reputation for outstanding customer service inherently leads to decreases of both the stress levels and worrying by the patients or their family members responsible for getting their prescription medications.

What are Amazon’s Potential Effects on Pharmacist Staffing and Salaries?

To answer this as best as we can, we all need to keep in mind several factors that Amazon is basing its decision on to enter the prescription medication market.

Service – According to several recent consumer surveys, customers are more willing today to pay for customer service than ever before. Especially consumers in the senior citizen population segment.

Pricing – Prescription sales comprise roughly 95% of the average independent’s gross revenue. Compare this to the large retail chains that average roughly an estimated 50% and make most of their profit on non-prescription items and front-end merchandise. Amazon is obviously well known for having lower prices on items than their “physically restricted” retail competitors, plus they are able to stock almost all items offered (or obtain them quickly from their partners and other resources).

Wait Time – the wait time in most retail chain stores is usually extremely long and, as consumer surveys have always shown, “very stressful” to many customers. This is even more true for elderly consumers and geriatric patients. Many times a patient is extremely ill and an hour or more wait can seem like an eternity to them.

An Aging Population – People are living longer than ever before and that means more prescription sales. In the US alone, projections estimate that the number of citizens 65 and older will more than double from 46 million today to over 98 million by 2060. Even more significant are the projections that the senior citizen (65 and older) age group’s share of the total population will increase from the current 15% to a staggering 24%.

Additional ReasonsForbes also noted additional reasons that they were predicting Amazon Pharmacy to be a huge success: the ability to track your orders, the ease of setting up your account, choice of choosing your own packaging, online chat functionality, plus analytics to prevent adverse drug events or reactions from occurring.

What this all really means is that if Amazon Pharmacy is successful, many retail community pharmacies and mail-order specialty pharmacy businesses will most likely suffer with a loss of market share. It’s clear to see that Amazon offers something of “perceived’ value to everybody! The online ease of use is very appealing to both the Millennials and Baby Boomers alike these days. Whether a patient lives in a rural area or in the middle of a major metropolitan area or city, many will find utilizing Amazon Services to be extremely beneficial and switch to it. As will most consumers who are price conscious when shopping on a fixed budget, considering that over one-third of all online shopping, “price checks”, and product pricing comparisons now originate on Amazon anyway.

There’s no reason to believe that Amazon’s “experiment” in selling pharmacy prescriptions online will result in anything but tremendous results and success. With a recurring revenue model based on the continuous refilling of patients’ prescriptions, Amazon is ready to “rock and roll” and has had over three years to plan. The final results will obviously take place over the years to come, but the obvious initial results are both the loss in demand for retail pharmacists, and the projected increase in pharmacists out of work and looking for jobs. Lastly, the potential for the lowering of pharmacist salaries across the nation has been postulated by several labor industry experts to take place in a couple of years as a result of a “glut” of available retail candidates for fewer positions available than before Amazon Pharmacy opened their doors.

About Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing

Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing has been a leader in the Pharmacy staffing industry for over 31+ years now. We specialize in finding pharmacists the right job to meet their needs and skill sets. Known for being a full service pharmacy staffing agency, HCC has helped numerous pharmacists throughout the country find positions when job hunting.

Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing is known as a full service Pharmacy staffing company since 1989. With all the services that we provide to both pharmacies and pharmacists, it is sometimes easy to overlook the fact the we are one of the nation’s most successful and respected national pharmacy staffing firms. If you are a pharmacist who’s worrying about how the opening of Amazon Pharmacy will effect you, we urge you to talk with us. With placement positions immediately available, contact us today online or call us at 800-642-1652 to get started.

If you are a pharmacist who’s worrying about how the opening of Amazon Pharmacy will effect you, reach out to us here at HCC for help! We offer temporary positions and part-time work, as well as temporary to permanent placement opportunities.

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Pharmacy Jobs

New Pharmacy jobsPharmacy jobs are readily available in most geographical areas throughout the United States and new positions are opening up at a rate that hasn’t been seen in over a decade. Almost every type of pharmacy job is currently being posted and recruited for across the nation. This includes both full time and part time jobs for pharmacists in retail, hospital, clinical and specialty pharmacy settings. Also available are numerous job positions for qualified and experienced pharmacy technicians.

Examples of New Pharmacy Job Openings

A sampling of new pharmacy job openings just from this past week that were posted on the Internet included all of the following:
– Pharmacy Manager for a full time position at a retail community pharmacy
– Pharmacist position as a Pharmacy Quality Coordinator in a hospital setting
– Retail RPh for a grocery store/supermarket chain
– Pharmacy Manager for a full time position at a large mail-order pharmacy
– Staff pharmacist for retail position
– Staff pharmacist in a hospital
– Clinical pharmacist – full time position
– Director of Pharmacy Operations at a major Children’s Hospital
Keep in mind that this is just a representative sampling of all the new positions opening up for which pharmacists were being sought. A quick search of Indeed today shows that currently there are 13,396 open jobs for pharmacists alone.

Pharmacy technicians are in even more demand. Sampling just the new openings from last week for technicians revealed numerous postings for technicians, lead technicians, pharmacy buyers and purchasing agents, pharmacy inventory specialists and pharmacy software operators. Again a quick search on Indeed today revealed an astounding 29,554 open job positions for technicians in pharmacies.

Partner With the Best Pharmacy Staffing Agency

Whatever type of position and geographical setting a pharmacist is looking to work in, Healthcare Consultant Pharmacy Staffing can help. Our pharmacy positions cover all aspects of job types: retail, hospital, clinical and specialty pharmacies. We offer positions in virtually any type of pharmacy job setting that you may be looking for:
– Hospital pharmacy
– Retail pharmacy – including both independent community and chain store jobs
– Specialty pharmacy – including compounding, mail order, oncology and IV infusion pharmacy jobs
– Nursing Home & Long Term Care pharmacies
– Institutional (prisons and jails) pharmacy
– Hospice pharmacy
– Home health pharmacy
– Respiratory pharmacy
– Nuclear pharmacy
Let HCC do the work for you! HealthCare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing is recognized for being one of the leading pharmacy staffing agencies in the United States. Founded in 1989 and owned and operated by pharmacists, we serve all 50 states and have vast experience in both pharmacist recruitment and permanent placement. We attribute our 28+ years of success to always placing the right pharmacist in the right job.

If you are a pharmacist looking for a job, we urge you to talk with us. With positions immediately available, contact us today online or call us at 800-642-1652 to get started.

Relief and Temp RPh Jobs

At Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing we also have been helping pharmacists throughout the Southeastern United States with finding temp and relief work and jobs for over 28 years now. HCC centers its focus on the following six states:
– Florida
– Georgia
– Texas
– South Carolina
– North Carolina
– Alabama
Once again, contact us today online or call us at 800-642-1652 to get started.

HCC Also Places Qualified Pharmacy Techs in Job Positions Throughout Florida

HealthCare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing  has placed hundreds of pharmacy technicians in a variety of positions throughout Florida, including retail, hospital, mail-order and specialty pharmacy settings. In fact, HCC has placed more pharmacy techs throughout the State of Florida than any other pharmacy staffing agency or company!

Let us help you find the right employer and position to fit your lifestyle and needs. With open pharmacy technician jobs available in well established pharmacies throughout Florida, HCC may be the staffing agency for you!

Looking for a new opportunity? Call us at (800) 642-1652 or click here to let us know your availability and we’ll get back with you right away to discuss the best opportunities to match your skills and needs.






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Pharmacy #2 on LinkedIn List of Most Promising Jobs in 2017

Pharmacy #2 on LinkedIn List of Most Promising Jobs in 2017:

Recently HCC shared that according to the most recent Gallup Poll Pharmacists once again ranked at the very top of Most Trusted Professionals in regards to both ethics and honesty. Now according to a recent LinkedIn post pertaining to the Most Promising Jobs in 2017, LinkedIn revealed that it’s data has proven that the Pharmacy profession is the number two ranked most lucrative job field to be in. It was clear that the Most Promising Jobs in 2017 on the LinkedIn list were in Healthcare, Finance and High-tech industries, but a major surprise was that some jobs that paid higher salaries were far below Pharmacy on the list. Good examples were Medical Directors (median annual salary of $230,000) and Anaesthetist (median annual salary of $156,000). The median annual salary of Pharmacists was listed as $123,000. The conclusion that can be drawn is that salary alone does NOT in itself make a profession or job “promising” these days. So what exactly does?

Ranking Criteria
This is the first time that LinkedIn has revealed such findings. It was noted that the list was primarily based on a profession’s median salary, year over year increases in job openings and industry growth, plus on an individual’s potential for career advancement opportunities. Some of the actual criteria looked at included:
– Salaries across US geographical areas
– Number of job openings
– Opportunity for career advancement
– Potential for increased skill improvements
– Increased specialization in the profession
– Yearly growth of new jobs
– Education requirements to work in a particular profession
This is just a partial list of the factors taken into consideration, but the results support the fact that according to LinkedIn, Pharmacy stood out as being noted the 2nd Most Promising Profession of 2017 across the nation.

Top Pharmacist Skills In Demand
It is also interesting to note that the LinkedIn data revealed that top skills in the Pharmacy profession that were in demand included:
1. Medication and Drug Utilization Management
2. Community Pharmacist Skills (both independent and chain-store Pharmacy roles)
3. Patient Counseling and Education Experience
4. Patient Immunization Skills
5. Pharmacy Automation Experience and Experience
It was noted that this particular data was actually taken from LinkedIn members individual profiles (and then compared to the actual Pharmacy business profiles).

What This Means To Us As Pharmacists
According to Daniel Shapero at LinkedIn, “job hopping has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, and is only accelerating. Based on our research, we know that the top reasons people change jobs is to pursue a stronger career path, make more money or access more opportunities within their organization. Finding a job you love with one or more of these components can feel like a challenge.”
So if any of these reasons to explore new Pharmacy opportunities appeals to you, here are some suggestions that you may want to consider trying (note that we had published these tips in an older post, but they are worth taking a new look at!):
1. Attend a CE Class – Many of us do our CE online or from a Pharmacy publication. Consider attending a CE class and meeting some new people or spending time with old friends. The social aspect of attending may stimulate you to consider adding new skills or answer any questions about a particular job setting. If not a CE class, perhaps a business class or another area of interest may do the trick for you.
2. Attend a Conference – There are numerous national, state and local conferences always going on. Meet some new people while learning about new opportunities and skills. Many Pharmacists find that they can get both a vacation (maybe with your family also going?) and get great information by attending.
3. Network with Local Pharmacists – Find pharmacists in your area who are willing to get together once a month or quarterly. Maybe it’s as simple as a regularly scheduled get together for dinner or drinks. Find some like-minded professionals interested in learning more about the industry, and take time to listen to their advice and experiences. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from others.
4. Read – Sometimes it can be as simple as just reading! Learn about areas of Pharmacy that may interest you or perhaps find a “self help” book to get stimulated to take some positive action. Whatever you personally find interesting, there’s a book, blog, forum or article out there for you read.
5. Talk It Out – Before making any major decisions, take the time to discuss your options with a close friend or family member. Lunch or dinner with a peer can never hurt. Perhaps choose a trusted adviser in another Pharmacy role and find out their views regarding the pros and cons regarding their job and employer. It never hurts to hear it directly “from the horses mouth”.
6. Try it out if you can – If you are perhaps considering changing from your current Pharmacy job to another, maybe look into picking up a shift in a similar setting. Considering switching from Retail Pharmacy to Hospital Pharmacy? See if you can pick up a shift in a local Hospital Pharmacy and “test drive” the job before you switch.

If you are considering a Pharmacy job change, remember that whatever setting a pharmacist is looking to work in, HCC can help you! Our pharmacy positions and staffing availability cover all aspects of job types and specialties: retail, hospital, clinical and specialty pharmacies. Pharmacy staffing and job placement are our primary business now for over 27 years. Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing deals with all aspects of matching pharmacists to jobs in every type of situation. This includes filling short term pharmacy positions and temporary jobs, as well as permanent and long term placements. We also can help with temp-to-permanent situations. We offer solutions for almost every type of pharmacy job you may be looking for:
– Compounding pharmacy and pharmacist
– Nursing Home & Long Term Care pharmacy and pharmacist
– Institutional (prisons and jails) pharmacy and pharmacist
– Hospice pharmacy and pharmacist
– Mail-order pharmacy and pharmacist
– Home health pharmacy and pharmacist
– Respiratory pharmacy and pharmacist
– IV pharmacy and pharmacist
– Nuclear pharmacy and pharmacist
– Home infusion pharmacy and pharmacist

If you are a pharmacist looking for a new position (or simply looking for part time opportunities to earn more cash), we urge you to talk with us. With placement positions immediately available, contact us today online or call us at 800-642-1652 to get started.

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Pharmacy Professions and Pharmacy Careers

Pharmacy Profession and Pharmacy Careers:

As we all enjoy the Holiday Season, I was thinking that this is a great time to reflect on our chosen profession as Pharmacists and to realize what being a pharmacist and having a pharmacy job means to each of us. Pharmacy is truly a profession that all of us should be grateful to be a part of and be proud of the jobs that we do in making pharmacy an integral part of our communities. We see a lot of negative publicity lately regarding pharmacy professions, but here are some reasons that we all should reflect on when reviewing our choice of a career in Pharmacy:

– Expanding Number of Pharmacy Jobs
In a recent article in Forbes magazine, pharmacy jobs are expected to have a 14% increase by the year 2022. Pharmacists not only have tremendous job security, we all have the ability to advance in our careers.

– Career Options and Opportunities
There are such diverse career opportunities for Pharmacists today that we can all choose a pharmacy job that we find satisfying. From not only choices in retail and hospital settings, but to specialty, clinical, consulting, nuclear and compounding pharmacy jobs as examples….. pharmacists have the ability to work in an arena that best fits their area of interest.

– Salary
Although money should not always be our primary goal in a job, pharmacy is a well paid profession. Again, according to Forbes magazine, the average pharmacist salary exceeds $110,000. There are few degrees one can obtain that can match this salary for someone just graduating with a degree from college.

– Work Schedule Flexibility
In addition to the diversity of career options mentioned above, pharmacists have the ability to choose just about any work schedule that suits their life style. Pharmacists in both retail and hospital settings are in demand “around the clock” and pharmacy is one of the few professions that allows us to choose our work schedule to accommodate our personal needs and life styles.

– A Profession That Is Trusted and Respected
Pharmacy consistently makes the top of all “Most Trusted Professions” lists. This is a fact that all of us as pharmacists should be extremely proud of! The public views pharmacists as well educated professionals……. and we are.

– A Profession That Helps
We truly are blessed as pharmacists to be involved in a profession that helps others on a daily basis. The basis of being a pharmacist is that we look out for the public’s’ welfare on a daily basis, no matter what setting we practice in. This is huge responsibility, but the payoff is that we can all feel really good about the impact we make on helping others stay healthy and happy in their lives.

The only person who really determines whether you have a great job is you. You determine what kind of career, life, and day you will have. Keep in mind that Healthcare Pharmacy Staffing has been known as a leader in helping pharmacists find the right job since 1989. For over 27 year now, HCC has been helping outstanding individuals connect with great companies to find satisfaction in their careers while being vital members of their communities. If you are not satisfied with your current job, or simply want to explore your career options, we encourage you to us today to see if we can help you.  Contact us on line or call us today for a Free Consultation at 800-642-1652 to discuss what new opportunities are waiting for you in your path as a Pharmacist!

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