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Pharmacy Professions and Pharmacy Careers

Pharmacy Professions and Pharmacy Careers

Pharmacy Profession and Pharmacy Careers:

As we all enjoy the Holiday Season, I was thinking that this is a great time to reflect on our chosen profession as Pharmacists and to realize what being a pharmacist and having a pharmacy job means to each of us. Pharmacy is truly a profession that all of us should be grateful to be a part of and be proud of the jobs that we do in making pharmacy an integral part of our communities. We see a lot of negative publicity lately regarding pharmacy professions, but here are some reasons that we all should reflect on when reviewing our choice of a career in Pharmacy:

– Expanding Number of Pharmacy Jobs
In a recent article in Forbes magazine, pharmacy jobs are expected to have a 14% increase by the year 2022. Pharmacists not only have tremendous job security, we all have the ability to advance in our careers.

– Career Options and Opportunities
There are such diverse career opportunities for Pharmacists today that we can all choose a pharmacy job that we find satisfying. From not only choices in retail and hospital settings, but to specialty, clinical, consulting, nuclear and compounding pharmacy jobs as examples….. pharmacists have the ability to work in an arena that best fits their area of interest.

– Salary
Although money should not always be our primary goal in a job, pharmacy is a well paid profession. Again, according to Forbes magazine, the average pharmacist salary exceeds $110,000. There are few degrees one can obtain that can match this salary for someone just graduating with a degree from college.

– Work Schedule Flexibility
In addition to the diversity of career options mentioned above, pharmacists have the ability to choose just about any work schedule that suits their life style. Pharmacists in both retail and hospital settings are in demand “around the clock” and pharmacy is one of the few professions that allows us to choose our work schedule to accommodate our personal needs and life styles.

– A Profession That Is Trusted and Respected
Pharmacy consistently makes the top of all “Most Trusted Professions” lists. This is a fact that all of us as pharmacists should be extremely proud of! The public views pharmacists as well educated professionals……. and we are.

– A Profession That Helps
We truly are blessed as pharmacists to be involved in a profession that helps others on a daily basis. The basis of being a pharmacist is that we look out for the public’s’ welfare on a daily basis, no matter what setting we practice in. This is huge responsibility, but the payoff is that we can all feel really good about the impact we make on helping others stay healthy and happy in their lives.

The only person who really determines whether you have a great job is you. You determine what kind of career, life, and day you will have. Keep in mind that Healthcare Pharmacy Staffing has been known as a leader in helping pharmacists find the right job since 1989. For over 27 year now, HCC has been helping outstanding individuals connect with great companies to find satisfaction in their careers while being vital members of their communities. If you are not satisfied with your current job, or simply want to explore your career options, we encourage you to us today to see if we can help you.  Contact us on line or call us today for a Free Consultation at 800-642-1652 to discuss what new opportunities are waiting for you in your path as a Pharmacist!

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