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Pharmacist Salaries in the Best and Worst States for Healthcare

Pharmacist Salaries in the Best and Worst States for Healthcare

Pharmacist Salaries in the Best and Worst States for Healthcare:

Pharmacist salaries by state is a topic that comes up almost daily at Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing. As a national leader in the Pharmacy staffing industry for over 27 years, we consult with both Pharmacists and employers on what the rate in each state warrants. In a previous post, we had discussed some statistics and in studying the latest wage releases from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2014, we once again find that variables such as geography, population density, type of Pharmacy job, years of experience, etc. make the task of salary comparison an almost impossible job to complete. To make the decision regarding Pharmacist salaries even more complicated is a study recently published by WalletHub analysts that compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 29 key metrics—including Healthcare professional’s salaries — to determine which states offer the most cost-effective and highest-quality care.

Based on those metrics, the states with the worst health care are: Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Arkansas, Georgia, West Virginia, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Alabama.
The states with the best health care include:
Minnesota, Maryland, South Dakota, Iowa, Utah, Kansas, Hawaii, Vermont,   District of Columbia and Nebraska.

So now the question of “Where Do I Want To Practice Pharmacy?” becomes even more complicated when choosing based on geographical considerations. Who wants to practice in a state known for both lower salaries and also known for a lower level of quality healthcare?
When deciding on where to practice, our professional and knowledgeable staff at HCC are a tremendous asset available to help guide you in making the right decision. We specialize in finding pharmacists the right job to meet their needs and skill sets. Known for being a full service pharmacy staffing agency, HCC has helped numerous pharmacists throughout the country find positions.

Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing has been known as a full service pharmacy staffing company since 1989. With all the services that we provide to both pharmacies and pharmacists, it it sometimes easy to overlook the fact the we are one of the nation’s most successful and respected staffing and placement firms in the pharmacy employment area. Pharmacy staffing and job placement are our primary business now for over 27 years. Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing deals with all aspects of matching pharmacists to jobs in every type of situation. This includes filling short term pharmacy positions and temporary jobs, as well as permanent and long term placements. We also can help with temp-to-permanent situations.
HCC can assist you in the process of finding the position that best suits your salary requirements, goals, personality and lifestyle. Call us today at 800-642-1652 for a free consultation and let us help you find the right job in the right setting and right state to achieve your goals as a Pharmacist!

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