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Pharmacy Job Tips for Graduates

Pharmacy Job Tips for Graduates

Pharmacy Job Tips for Graduates:

As thousands of students graduated with Pharmacy degrees across the nation this month, HCC Pharmacy Staffing would like to say congratulations! This is the time to when most new graduates are preparing to take state board exams and prepare to take their initial steps into the Pharmacy profession and workplace. It is also a time when many graduates are faced with the choice of what direction should they take as their first steps into the Pharmacy workplace. Decades ago the choice was easier as the initial opportunities for new graduates basically revolved around two primary areas of job opportunities: Retail Pharmacy versus Hospital Pharmacy. Today, as the expansion of patient focused healthcare services has changed the workplace, many new Pharmacy graduates find the decision to be more complex than in the past. Retail, hospital, specialty, clinical, mail-order, compounding, nuclear….. the list of possibilities for pharmacy career paths has become almost endless.

Having been in the business of Pharmacy Staffing for over 25 years, HCC would recommend that you take the time to explore all the possibilities that are available to you. Start by taking a personal self-audit and consider the following questions:

– What are my short term and long range goals?
– What pharmacy setting appeals to me and is my personality a good fit for that setting?
– What pharmacy sector fits in with my lifestyle?
– What professional and personal growth opportunities are available?

The next step is to talk with Pharmacists who practice in the areas of your interest. Who better to ask questions regarding professional development and opportunities than with the Pharmacists that are actually practicing in those areas? In today’s world of social media, blogging and online engagement, access to individual professionals has become fast and easy! Take some time and communicate with individuals that can share their experience and are willing to help new members of the Pharmacy community on the exciting and changing career paths available.

Lastly, consider trying several different Pharmacy job types before actually making the commitment to a specific Pharmacy setting. This is where HCC Pharmacy Staffing can help you. At HCC we have been finding that many new Pharmacists would rather initially “try out” several career path options before deciding on a permanent practice setting. This allows the individual to get actual experience in several different Pharmacy settings to see which opportunities fit best with their goals, personality and lifestyles.

Contact HCC Pharmacy Staffing today to explore how we can help you in your choice of a Pharmacy career path. In the business of Pharmacy Staffing for over 25 years and recognized as a national leader in placing Pharmacists in short-term or permanent jobs, we welcome the opportunity to help you explore the professional opportunities available to you. With current openings in all types of Pharmacy positions nationwide (retail, hospital, specialty, clinical, mail-order, compounding, nuclear…), HCC can assist you in the process of finding the position that best suits your goals, personality and lifestyle. Call us today at 800-642-1652 for a free consultation and let us help you begin your journey into the Pharmacy profession.

Bob Miller

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