What Makes a Successful Pharmacist?

People often wonder if they carry the traits that would make them good at their dream job.  Well, if you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, you are in luck – many educators and researchers have employed a variety of psychological and personality tests to pharmacy students to determine what traits make a successful pharmacist.

These studies have found nothing that could be considered “surprising” within their results, but the answers are still important to consider.  The most important traits include intellectual curiosity, compassion, solid people skills and adaptability.  The latter trait is particularly important, as the profession of pharmacy is undergoing dramatic changes, shifting from primarily a dispensing function to a more directly engaged patient care posture.  Successful pharmacists will need to be flexible in order to adapt to the new and expanded role of pharmacists, and also take on any opportunities that develop.

Regardless of the setting, pharmacy still remains a people-centric business, even more so moving into the direct patient care setting.  Therefore, relationship building skills, communication skills, and strong personal and professional confidence will be key to delivering value to their patients and customers, building bridges with other healthcare professions, and carving out the new territory for pharmacists in the business.

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