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Audit Criteria

Audit Criteria

Pharmacy Inspection and Audit Preparation

Every licensed pharmacy is inspected by their Board of Pharmacy every year or two. Yet many pharmacies are caught off guard and aren’t prepared or in compliance, resulting in an unfavorable and expensive outcome. More problematic are unanticipated state or DEA inspections or audits by PBMs. How does a pharmacy prepare everything involved in a pharmacy inspection? Call HCC!

HCC’s regulatory experts can perform mock inspections and identify areas of weakness and concern. Our consultants will, upon completion of the inspection, prepare a Gap Analysis and corrective recommendations and discuss these with you and your team. If significant issues are found, our consultants are available to assist in the implementation of the corrective actions and perform a re-inspection to confirm compliance.

Our experts are also available to review your prescription filling and billing processes to identify areas that may put you at risk of a payer audit and recoupment demands. HCC’s consultants will work with you and your team to correct areas of concern and develop risk mitigation strategies to prepare your pharmacy for the unexpected, but inevitable, audit.

Don’t wait until you get the audit notice or find the state inspector at your counter. Call HCC today and be prepared.