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Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedures

Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual Custom P&P manuals are now a must! Every pharmacy must have written policies and procedures in a Policy and Procedure manual. According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) every state and the majority of third party PBMs have specific policy requirements that the pharmacy is expected … Continue reading Custom Pharmacy Policy and Procedures

Opening New Pharmacy

The opening up and start-ups of new retail pharmacies are once again on the rise. With the explosion of specialty pharmacies leading the list over the past decade, the number of new pharmacies that have opened across the nation rose to the highest level ever in every state during 2019. Of interest to many is … Continue reading Opening New Pharmacy

Pharmacy Challenges and Opportunities in 2020

A new year is upon us and the pharmacy profession faces numerous issues, challenges and opportunities that are more abundant and at the same time more complex than perhaps they have ever been before in the history of the practice of our profession. New and fast paced pharmacy technological advancements and extremely rapid changes in … Continue reading Pharmacy Challenges and Opportunities in 2020

Managing A Pharmacy

Managing a pharmacy is an important part of almost every pharmacy owner’s responsibilities. The day-to-day management of just the pharmacy’s personnel, inventory, customers, vendors and store maintenance issues always seem to take up a majority of an owner’s day… and the list sometimes seems endless. Then add in such critical functions as ensuring that your … Continue reading Managing A Pharmacy

Pharmacy Job Tips

Many pharmacists have switched jobs recently and many are considering a change to a new work direction or setting as the profession of pharmacy evolves and changes. With New Year’s resolutions about to be on everyone’s minds, changing jobs as a pharmacist can be very tempting. It has been almost five years since the AACP … Continue reading Pharmacy Job Tips

IV Infusion Pharmacies

IV and infusion pharmacy startups are always at the top of the list when you may be considering opening up a new pharmacy business or an expansion of your existing pharmacy operation. The IV and infusion pharmacies were the primary catalyst to the emergence of both the compounding and specialty pharmacy booms that have been … Continue reading IV Infusion Pharmacies

Cancer Specialty Pharmacy Startups

Cancer and oncology pharmacies have become a major factor in the rise of specialty pharmacy startups nationwide. Because cancer and chemotherapy medications are typically extremely expensive and complex to both manufacture and compound, it is easy to see why oncology pharmacies have become a cornerstone in the specialty pharmacy industry. Oncology drugs necessitate special storage, … Continue reading Cancer Specialty Pharmacy Startups

Mail-Order Pharmacy Startups

The startup of mail order pharmacies is on the rise and the opening up of a mail-order pharmacy is becoming an extremely lucrative business model and investment. This specific market segment of the specialty pharmacy “arena” is undergoing rapid growth, rapid expansion, and equally rapid change. Independent mail-order pharmacies are now thriving by specializing in … Continue reading Mail-Order Pharmacy Startups

Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty pharmacies have been designated by numerous industry experts as the fastest growing segment of the pharmacy industry. This is based on the number of new specialty pharmacies opening up nationally, plus the rise in the number of existing pharmacies expanding their operations via the addition of specialty pharmacy services. With a projected annual growth rate of … Continue reading Specialty Pharmacies

Relief and Temp Pharmacists

Many pharmacy owners occasionally need a relief pharmacist or temp pharmacist quickly. The issues that many pharmacy owners face finding the right temporary pharmacist are numerous. Perhaps the pharmacy owner is planning a vacation or simply has an emergency situation and needs some help. Or perhaps a staff member quits, has an emergency of their … Continue reading Relief and Temp Pharmacists