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Pharmacist Recruitment Firm

Pharmacy Recruitment and Pharmacist Permanent Placement: Pharmacy owners, directors and managers are all faced with the same dilemma – How do we hire the right Pharmacist for the job? As everyone knows, it is more than simply finding a “warm body” to fill the position. It requires the right skill sets, qualifications, licensing requirements and … Continue reading Pharmacist Recruitment Firm

.Pharmacy Domains and VIPPS

.Pharmacy Domains and VIPPS HealthCare Consultants has helped numerous clients obtain their VIPPS accreditation and certification.  Now comes the .Pharmacy domain name from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and many pharmacy business owners are confused as to how it works. One of our in-house pharmacy consultants spent the time yesterday with a … Continue reading .Pharmacy Domains and VIPPS

Pharmacist Salaries

Pharmacist Salaries – The highest and lowest paying pharmacy salaries by cities in the US: Pharmacy salaries are always a primary topic of discussion when it comes to the subjects of permanent placement or direct hire with our clients and pharmacist candidates. It is a commonly known fact that pharmacy is one of the best … Continue reading Pharmacist Salaries

Florida HB 625 Managed Care Plan Provider Networks

Florida House Bill 625 Regarding Managed Care Plan Provider Networks: Florida House Bill 625 was introduced and filed in the Florida State Senate in March 2017 and is now in committee/council (HIS). Many independent community pharmacies in Florida are strongly advocating for the bill as it relates to the current Managed Care Plan Provider Networks. Essentially … Continue reading Florida HB 625 Managed Care Plan Provider Networks

Mail-Order Pharmacy Startups

Mail-Order Pharmacy Startups: The startup of mail-order pharmacies is on the rise and mail-order pharmacies are becoming a lucrative business model. This market segment of specialty pharmacies is undergoing rapid growth and equally rapid change. Independent mail-order pharmacies are now thriving by specializing in a specific niche or disease. Examples include cystic fibrosis, hospice, nuclear, COPD … Continue reading Mail-Order Pharmacy Startups

Cancer Specialty Pharmacy Startups

Cancer and Oncology Specialty Pharmacy Start Ups: Cancer and oncology pharmacies have become a major factor in the rise of specialty pharmacy startups nationwide. Because cancer and chemotherapy medications are typically extremely expensive and complex to both manufacture and compound, it is easy to see why oncology pharmacies have become a cornerstone in the specialty … Continue reading Cancer Specialty Pharmacy Startups

IV Infusion Pharmacies

IV and Infusion Pharmacy Startups and Expansions: IV and infusion pharmacy startups are always at the top of the list when considering opening up a new pharmacy business or expanding an existing pharmacy practice. The IV and infusion pharmacies were the catalyst to the emergence of both the compounding and specialty pharmacy booms that have … Continue reading IV Infusion Pharmacies

Online and Internet Pharmacies

Online and Internet Pharmacy Startups: Starting up and opening an Internet pharmacy is becoming a lucrative business model. Online pharmacies are now well established and accepted. However, an Internet pharmacy start up is not as easily created and successfully operated as many people think. Opening up an Internet pharmacy actually takes more planning than probably … Continue reading Online and Internet Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacy

Starting and Opening a Compounding Pharmacy: Compounding  pharmacies are one of the major reasons that specialty pharmacies are showing such a rapid rate of growth as related to new pharmacy startups and pharmacies being opened. Add in the number of existing pharmacies expanding their operations by adding on compounding pharmacy services and the result is a lucrative … Continue reading Compounding Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacies

Starting and Opening a Specialty Pharmacy: Specialty pharmacies have been designated by numerous industry experts as the fastest growing segment of the pharmacy industry. This is based on the number of new specialty pharmacies opening up nationally, plus the rise in the number of existing pharmacies expanding their operations via the addition of specialty pharmacy services. With … Continue reading Specialty Pharmacies