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Pharmacy Security

Pharmacy Security Pharmacy security has recently been a dominating topic in the news. As everyone already knows, pharmacies have always been a prime target for burglaries and robberies. With an estimated 7,000 pharmacy break-ins occurring annually in the US, this is a possibility and a risk that everyone in our profession must face. Yet sometimes we … Continue reading Pharmacy Security

Pharmacy Jobs Worst States

The Worst States For Pharmacy Jobs What are the worst states for a pharmacist to work in or get a job in? An interesting article recently published by Drug Topics gave the following list of states that they recommended pharmacists looking to relocate should avoid: 1. Nevada 2. New Mexico 3. Louisiana 4. Georgia 5. Florida … Continue reading Pharmacy Jobs Worst States

HIPAA Phase 2 Compliance Audits

HIPAA Phase 2 Compliance Audits Most know that the HIPAA Phase 2 audits regarding onsite inspections for compliance have been delayed and on hold for quite a while now. Last year a total of over 200 “desk top” audits were conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Yet the … Continue reading HIPAA Phase 2 Compliance Audits

Foreign Pharmacies Dispensing to USA

Foreign Pharmacies Dispensing to US Patients Legislation is currently being initiated which would actually allow for the dispensing of prescription drugs and medications from a licensed foreign pharmacy to patients in the US. With the massive debate currently under way in Washington regarding the health care repeal legislation, there will obviously be numerous amendments that … Continue reading Foreign Pharmacies Dispensing to USA

Relief and Temp Pharmacists

Relief and Temp Pharmacists in Southeast US Many pharmacy owners occasionally need a relief pharmacist or temp pharmacist quickly. The issues that many pharmacy owners face finding the right temporary pharmacist are numerous. Perhaps the pharmacy owner is planning a vacation or simply has an emergency situation and needs some help. Or perhaps a staff … Continue reading Relief and Temp Pharmacists

Specialty Pharmacy Tech Duties

Specialty Pharmacy Technician Job Duties Everyone agrees that pharmacy technicians play a vital role in every type of pharmacy business. Yet in a specialty pharmacy operation or environment, the duties are usually of an expanded nature when reviewing the job descriptions of the pharmacy techs. The expected roles and skills of the technician include those … Continue reading Specialty Pharmacy Tech Duties

Pharmacy Inspections

Pharmacy Inspections Just the mention of the word inspection can make a pharmacy owner, manager and the entire pharmacy staff anxious. Previously we had discussed in depth the issues involved in being prepared for pharmacy compliance audits. Yet a recent actual inspection that one of our clients just experienced shows exactly how being unprepared for … Continue reading Pharmacy Inspections

Pharmacy Jobs For Multiple Licensure

Jobs for Pharmacists With Multiple State Licenses – Many pharmacists have active licenses in more than one state. Those that do are in demand currently in the job market. As an example, HCC currently has numerous jobs in Florida for pharmacists for positions that require the pharmacist to be licensed in additional states. License reciprocity between various … Continue reading Pharmacy Jobs For Multiple Licensure

Travel Pharmacist Jobs

Travel Pharmacy Jobs – Jobs in pharmacy for travelling pharmacists may seem like a new concept to many, but this pharmacy job niche has been in place and thriving for over a decade now. Accepted in the nursing field for a very long time now, many pharmacists are finding this type of employment and lifestyle … Continue reading Travel Pharmacist Jobs

Custom Pharmacy Policies and Procedures

Customized Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual – Every pharmacy must have written policies and procedures in a Policy and Procedure manual. According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) every state and the majority of third party PBMs have specific policy requirements that the pharmacy is expected to incorporate into their manuals. More … Continue reading Custom Pharmacy Policies and Procedures