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Electronic Prior Authorization or ePA

Pharmacy has historically embraced technology far faster than any other medical profession. The early use of technology by pharmacies has been documented in numerous instances and has labeled pharmacists and the entire profession as “early adapters”. Nowhere else has such swift adaptation to computerization and HIT (Health Information Technology) been seen when one looks at … Continue reading Electronic Prior Authorization or ePA

Relief Pharmacist Jobs

Years ago the term “relief pharmacy jobs” was a term that one never really heard very frequently. In the not too distant past, if a pharmacist was ill, went on a vacation, or simply needed time off for an unscheduled absence (such as a death in their family), coworkers simply worked overtime to cover their shifts. … Continue reading Relief Pharmacist Jobs

Out of State Licensing

Out of State Licensing Many pharmacies are currently exploring the opportunity to service customers in other states to increase their market share and profits. Almost every state requires that any pharmacy that does ship or mail prescription medications into their state must possess a non-resident license issued by that state. Non-Resident Pharmacy Licensing Requirements Although there are numerous … Continue reading Out of State Licensing

Opening New Pharmacy

Starting a New Pharmacy Opening up a new Pharmacy and the start-ups of new pharmacies are once again on the rise. With the explosion of specialty pharmacies leading the list, the number of new pharmacies that have opened across the nation rose to the highest level ever in every state during 2016. Of interest to … Continue reading Opening New Pharmacy

PIC Pharmacist In Charge

There sometimes is a bit of confusion when people are discussing the role of a Pharmacist in Charge (or PIC) and defining their responsibilities or job description. The issue arises because most people (including pharmacists themselves) sometimes use all of the following terms interchangeably: – Pharmacist in Charge – Prescription Department Manager (PDM) – Pharmacy … Continue reading PIC Pharmacist In Charge

PDM Prescription Department Manager

Prescription Department Manager’s Roles, Duties and Responsibilities A PDM (also commonly referred to as a Pharmacy Manager or Pharmacist  Manager) is required for all retail community pharmacies in every state. The prescription department manager’s roles and responsibilities are defined and regulated by each state’s Board of Pharmacy. Although variance does exist between individual states, the … Continue reading PDM Prescription Department Manager

Emergency Relief Pharmacists

Pharmacists In Emergency Relief Situations The recent hurricanes in both Texas and Florida brings up the topic of situations that can occur when an emergency relief pharmacist can be of critical importance. Because a pharmacy can not legally be open for business without a registered pharmacist on duty, sometimes the pharmacy owner or store manager … Continue reading Emergency Relief Pharmacists

Pharmacy Consulting

Why A Pharmacy Consulting Firm? In a traditional independent retail pharmacy setting, many pharmacy owners, Prescription Department Managers (PDM) and Pharmacists in Charge (PIC) ask themselves the question: “perhaps I could use some expert advice on some of the business decisions that are being made here?”. The use of a pharmacy consulting firm in larger … Continue reading Pharmacy Consulting

Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management and Pharmacy Technology Trends Medication Therapy Management (also commonly referred to as MTM) is defined by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is a very broad range of services that pharmacists provide to optimize a patient’s medication therapies by actively monitoring and “identifying, preventing and resolving medication related problems”. MTM includes (but is … Continue reading Medication Therapy Management

Amazons Effect On Pharmacies

Will Amazon Affect Independent Community Pharmacies? By now everyone knows that the giant web-retailer Amazon has announced its intention of entering the prescription marketplace. As reported by CNBC in May of this year, Amazon is actively engaged in getting into the multi-billion dollar prescription industry. It actually seems that the same reasons that Amazon is … Continue reading Amazons Effect On Pharmacies