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Why Pharmacy Consulting

Why do I need to hire a pharmacy consulting firm? When should I consider hiring a pharmacy consulting firm? Both are valid questions that every pharmacy owner and manager should be consistently asking themselves. After discussing some tips on how to choose and interview pharmacy consultants in order to select the best fit for your … Continue reading Why Pharmacy Consulting

Choosing Pharmacy Consulting Firm

The definition of a true consultant is an individual who is able to give you expert and professional advice. There comes a time in every business when an objective, qualified and experienced third party is necessary to help guide, direct or advise the owner or management team. This is true for most pharmacy operations, especially … Continue reading Choosing Pharmacy Consulting Firm

Pharmacy Information Systems

Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS) have evolved over the years to become a core component of any successful pharmacy operation. Whether it’s a hospital setting, a clinic or even a specialty pharmacy business, these complex and sophisticated computer software systems continue to evolve and their functionality is ever expanding. Sometimes they are also referred to as … Continue reading Pharmacy Information Systems

VONVENDI and Specialty Pharmacies

VONVENDI was approved several weeks ago for an expanded use in the United States for perioperative bleeding management. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved the use of the recombinant drug to include the treatment and control of bleeding and the perioperative management of bleeding in adults that suffer from von Willebrand disease. About VONVENDI … Continue reading VONVENDI and Specialty Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacy Fraud

Compounding pharmacy fraud cases are really being targeted and cracked down on across the USA. Yet another major fraud case centered around a compounding pharmacy billing Medicare, TRICARE (the military’s healthcare program) and private insurance programs has been resolved finally, once again drawing the pharmacy profession into the national news spotlight in a very negative … Continue reading Compounding Pharmacy Fraud

Opening Successful New Pharmacy

Opening up a new pharmacy business is really not that much different from starting up any other type of retail enterprise. Aside from the regulations and laws inherently involved in a new pharmacy operation, the basic business startup principles still all apply. Having opened up hundreds of new pharmacies at HCC, here are the general … Continue reading Opening Successful New Pharmacy

Tips For Interviewing Pharmacist Candidates

Interviewing potential pharmacists for an open job position is a challenge to many. Sometimes the pharmacy owner or hiring manager is faced with the dilemma of needing to fill the position quickly along with hiring the best pharmacist available. Often times the potential candidate is interviewing with other potential employers and it’s important to keep … Continue reading Tips For Interviewing Pharmacist Candidates

Canadian Online Pharmacy

Canadian and online pharmacies have both been controversial issues for many years now. The recent fine against Canada Drugs last Friday (April 13th of 2018) once again has placed both Canadian pharmacies and Internet pharmacies into the national news and media spotlight. Canada Drugs, an online pharmacy that claims to be “Canada’s Largest”, received a … Continue reading Canadian Online Pharmacy

Resume Tips For Pharmacist

Writing a resume is not a strength that many pharmacists possess. Although highly educated, pharmacists are traditionally skilled in areas such as chemistry, mathematics and science, and many lack the skill and experience in an area such as writing a great resume. According to a recent study by the ASME, both recruiters and management stated … Continue reading Resume Tips For Pharmacist

Pharmacy Reputation Management

Reputation Management for a pharmacy owner and his business – what does the term really mean? In the marketing world the term essentially equates to the practice of shaping or controlling the public’s perception of a pharmacy or business by influencing the online information about the company or operation. Also commonly referred to as ORM … Continue reading Pharmacy Reputation Management