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Pharmacy Jobs

Pharmacy jobs are readily available in most geographical areas throughout the United States and new positions are opening up at a rate that hasn’t been seen in over a decade. Almost every type of pharmacy job is currently being posted and recruited for across the nation. This includes both full time and part time jobs … Continue reading Pharmacy Jobs

Public Opinion of Pharmacists

The public’s opinion of pharmacists and the profession of pharmacy as a whole comes up as a topic of discussion every year about this time as Gallup will release their annual Americans’ Ratings of Honesty and Ethical Standards in Professions in mid-December. Last year, as expected, healthcare professionals once again rated extremely high on the poll … Continue reading Public Opinion of Pharmacists

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Medicare and Medicaid fraud cases involving pharmacies and pharmacists are being reported and investigated at an alarming rate across the US recently. Just this past week an interesting Medicaid fraud case involving a New Jersey pharmacy was the subject of an investigation that received a great deal of national media attention. The pharmacy located in … Continue reading Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Pharmacy In Doctors Office

Pharmacies located in a physician’s practice or a doctors’ office are dramatically on the rise in the US. The pace of physicians and MD’s dispensing prescriptions in their offices and opening a pharmacy on site or in their clinics is rapidly increasing in many geographic areas of the country. There are, however, numerous questions and … Continue reading Pharmacy In Doctors Office

Hospital Pharmacist Jobs

Hospital jobs and positions for pharmacists in clinical settings are becoming lucrative opportunities as a clearer job market future emerges in the pharmacy profession. As discussed previously, the most current pharmacist job statistics clearly indicate that there will be a shift over the next decade from retail to hospital employment opportunities for pharmacists, plus a significant … Continue reading Hospital Pharmacist Jobs

Pharmacist Jobs Statistics

Statistics regarding the state of the current job market for pharmacists that were released in the most recent report by the US Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics) show some interesting results when one is considering pharmacy as a career. For those already practicing in the pharmacy profession, it also may help clarify what … Continue reading Pharmacist Jobs Statistics

Pharmacy Patient Counseling

Patient counseling by pharmacists has recently been the subject of various news  reports and a topic that is being discussed by both patients and pharmacists on a national level. Being labeled as “Mandated Patient Counseling by Pharmacists”, new legislation and rules have been enacted by several states that are aimed at improving the patient counseling … Continue reading Pharmacy Patient Counseling


PDMP’s are data bases that collect, store and share controlled substances prescription data for an individual specific state in the US. These PDMP databases represent yet another area where pharmacy technology is emerging quickly and leading the healthcare team to improve the monitoring of a patient’s medication therapy and drug compliance. As previously discussed with … Continue reading PDMP

EPCS vs Drug Abuse

EPCS (Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances) is starting to help pharmacies in the national war against opioids. Drug abuse is a major national epidemic as declared by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) several years ago. When discussing pharmacy and emerging technologies, perhaps no other profession has effectively embraced new technology better than … Continue reading EPCS vs Drug Abuse

Customized Policy and Procedures

A customized P & P manual is no longer an option, it is truly a requirement. As we’ve previously discussed, every pharmacy is required to have and maintain a written Policy and Procedures manual on its premises. As noted by the NABP (the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) each state has their own specified policy requirements, … Continue reading Customized Policy and Procedures