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Interim Pharmacy Management

Interim Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Resource Gap Solutions

Interim Pharmacy ManagementThe Interim Pharmacy Management model is a cost-effective solution to a short- or medium-term gap in a pharmacy’s resources. In the past, large companies had internal resources to develop new initiatives, manage specific projects, or cover sudden gaps in their pharmacy management teams. Downsizing and streamlining have changed that. Companies may now be leaner and fitter, but at the expense of flexibility, just when rapid change is a feature of today’s marketplace.

The solution of using Interim Pharmacy Management allows companies to have a lean, highly focused core pharmacy management team, knowing that highly experienced managers can be drafted at short notice for specific projects, or to take advantage of new opportunities. Often, the interim pharmacy manager may be over-qualified for the client’s needs, but this means pharmacy management can hit the ground running and identify problems and solutions quickly.

Interim Pharmacy Management is often a cost-effective resource for managing projects such as:

  • New service line integration
  • Launching a new pharmacy division
  • Opening new pharmacy locations
  • Moving a pharmacy to a new location
  • Pharmacy performance improvement
  • Expanding, redesigning, or a complete overhaul of a pharmacy
  • Covering medium-term sickness or maternity
  • Supplying specialist or technical knowledge not available from within the company
  • Driving new initiatives, such as strategic planning or total quality management
  • Regulatory compliance deficiency correction and pharmacy management

What are the benefits of using Interim Pharmacy Management?

  • Experience – We have the knowledge, skills and experience to meet all your management needs
  • Agility – Interim Pharmacy Managers can often be confirmed and assigned very quickly
  • Flexibility – Contracts can be executed by weeks or months and can be terminated or extended, as needed
  • Cost Efficiency – With our experience also comes a short learning curve, and a no-fuss start and finish
  • Cost Transparency – The full cost of Interim Pharmacy Management is clearly defined and easily monitored
  • Accountability – As part of your management team, Interim Pharmacy Managers assume responsibility for their performance

How much will it cost

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