Medical Marijuana in Florida – Policies and Procedures/Pharmacy Consulting

Medical Marijuana in Florida – Policies and Procedures:

Medical marijuana in Florida has been a hot topic since Surterra Therapeutics announced in August that it would open a wellness center and sell cannabis in the USF area of Tampa. Although the company planned only to sell medical marijuana low in THC, the approval by the Florida legislature set the precedent for this in 2014 by stipulating exactly what can be dispensed to cancer patients and patients with seizures who choose to utilize medical marijuana as part of their treatment regimens. It is also important to take note that Surterra Therapeutics plans to distribute a “higher grade” dosage to terminally ill patients after approval of another Florida law passed in early 2016. Surterra partners with Homestead-based Alpha Foliage and is one of 6 Florida approved companies regarding marijuana dispensing (to see the entire list visit the Florida Health Department’s website).

The question of whether to participate in the Medical Marijuana Dispensing Program is not what HCC wants to debate here. It is a fact that the laws have now allowed for this. It is also projected to be greatly expanded, increased and profitable. What HCC wants to stress is that if you choose to participate…. do it right! Obtain Pharmacy Consulting before you begin dispensing. Having Policies & Procedures in place will ensure that problems down the road will be reduced. Everyone agrees that the State will “closely observe” how the dispensing companies control supplies, document and keep records. As HCC has been saying for over 27 years: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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