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Licensing Services for All 50 States

Licensing Services for All 50 States

Non-Resident (Out of State) Licensing Services

The vast majority of states require any pharmacy shipping prescription medication into their state to possess a non-resident license issued by that state. The risk is twofold; first, if a state board of pharmacy becomes aware that a pharmacy is shipping into their state without the necessary permits, they will notify the pharmacy’s home board of pharmacy to initiate a complaint. Second, many pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) view shipping prescriptions into another state without the required permit a violation of the terms of their pharmacy provider contract and may demand repayment of all money paid for these prescriptions, perhaps going back a year or more.

Many pharmacies, though at risk due to shipping prescriptions to other states, are hesitant to apply to these states because of unfamiliarity with all the rules and requirements that each state has. More so, if a pharmacy does attempt the application process, they soon find the applicant state board of pharmacy requesting additional information and documents, delaying the issuance of the permit and the opportunity to service customers in that state.

HCC has a dedicated section with experts who deal with non-resident applications for all 50 states. They know what each application requires, the specific rules that each state has, and who to speak with at every board of pharmacy to keep track of the status of each application.

In this business, time is money. If you are not servicing your customers in another state because of permitting delays, somebody else will. Use the experts at HCC to keep you on track and compliant with each state you do business in. Call us now at (800) 642-1652 or take a moment and Contact Us Online and an HCC consultant will contact you back asap to discuss your needs.