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As competition increases across the nation for local pharmacies to increase revenue sources, many independent pharmacy owners have found that participating in local Health Fairs and charity events are an effective way to attract new patients. Many independent pharmacy owners have reported that these events have lead to a dramatic increased awareness of their businesses as part of the local community. Additionally they have been able to get new customers who were not aware of their specialties, services or local location in a neighborhood. In this era of a market dominated by the “Big Chain Stores”, many local pharmacies thrive by offering service and specialties, and participating in local Health Fairs and community events can be a great and cost effective way to advertise.

Planning and preparation are the keys in putting together a successful booth for such events. Here are some tips that many of our clients have found useful in putting together a successful event that resulted in bringing in new patients:

Set goals. Are you there to attract new patients? Educate the neighborhood on your services and specialties? Give some thought as to the purpose of your event participation, as well as to who you plan on engaging at the event.

Get “Hands On”. Establish your ability and credibility as a health care expert! Most people only associate pharmacists with filling prescriptions behind a counter at the back of the pharmacy. These events are an opportunity to show the public that pharmacists are more than just “pill counters”. Talk to consumers and offer medication reviews or “mini health screenings” such as checking people’s glucose levels or blood pressure.

Run a promotion. These events offer a great opportunity to collect potential patient’s personal information. Think about a raffle or giveaway that requires potential customers to fill out a form with their physical address, phone number and email address. This is a great opportunity for you to add them to your direct mailing and email lists.

Give out promotional products. People love free stuff! Water bottles, refrigerator magnets, key chains and pens offer you a great way to get branded information into the hands of potential customers.

Use visuals. Stand out from the rest of the booths by using a colorful tablecloth or background materials. These days producing an “eye catching” pull up banner is easy and relatively inexpensive. Talk with your local sign company about how to create a visually appealing background that sets you apart from the other booths.

Deliver informational takeaways. Produce and hand-out brochures that provide educational information to prospective new customers. Provide people with a “take away” that is more than just an advertisement for your business. Some ideas include a list of local emergency numbers to tips on taking taking medications properly.

As always, Healthcare Consultants is here to help. If you need assistance in any way or would like to talk about ideas on how to get started and participate in a local Health Fair in your community….. call us today! With over 25 years experience in Pharmacy Consulting, HCC can help you get the most from your advertising budget. Call us today at 800-642-1652 to talk with a customer service representative for a free consultation.

Bob Miller

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