Pharmacy Staffing – Humana Hiring 100 Mail Order Pharmacists

Humana has announced it is going to be hiring more than 100 pharmacists for full-time positions for its mail order pharmacy division in Tempe, Arizona. The mail order pharmacy unit (called RightSource) will be looking for more than a hundred pharmacists to act as customer care specialists at its Tempe call center. Their primary job will be to respond directly to customer questions and issues, plus provide guidance to both internal and external customers. Humana’s RightSource mail order division has been consistently hiring since it opened its operation in 2008 and this latest round of hirings will bring its total employment number to over 3,000.

This follows a pattern of an increase in the staffing at mail order pharmacies that we have been seeing over the past several year now. Mail Order Pharmacies have become a major business in the supplying of medications to patients everywhere. With the growth of insurance companies either requiring patients to utilize a mail order pharmacy for their medications or offering patients discounts on refills via mail, mail order pharmacies make up a significant portion of our pharmacy industry today. This includes retail pharmacy medications, but has also led to the expansion of specialized mail order pharmacies in areas such as home infusion, compounding, respiratory and cystic fibrosis pharmacies to name just a few. Patients often find mail order pharmacies very convenient also in that they don’t have to worry about the medication re-ordering process. Additionally studies have shown that patients also like the fact that mail order prescriptions are delivered directly to their home or office and require no pickup at the “local drugstore”.

Many pharmacists enjoy the benefits that working in a mail order pharmacy provides them. Clearly the activities and duties of a mail order pharmacist are similar to those of a traditional pharmacist. However, feedback from many mail order pharmacists stress two important considerations in their choosing to work in the mail order pharmacy environment:

– Minimal customer interaction.
– Primarily a Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm work schedule.

If you are a pharmacist considering working in a mail order pharmacy, it is important to remember that the primary duty of a mail order pharmacist is to provide customers and patients with their medications. Pharmacists with precise and methodical personalities often thrive in careers in mail order pharmacy positions. Plus there are no additional Board requirements or certifications required to become a mail order pharmacist (including no additional continuing education requirements). We welcome you to contact us today to discuss how Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing can help you find a mail order pharmacist position. HCC has been in the business of placing pharmacists in jobs for over 25 years. Of course if you are currently working as a mail-order pharmacist and are considering a move to another city or state, HCC urges you to contact us too! We have current openings for mail order pharmacy positions that may be of interest to you. If you are a mail order pharmacy looking to fill a position (either part-time or permanent) we can help. HCC has the largest and most extensive pharmacist database in the country that will match your needs to the right pharmacists to fill your pharmacy staffing positions. In business for over 25 years, HCC specializes in pharmacy staffing. Contact us online or call us at 800-642-1652 today!

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