Pharmacy Staffing, Recruitment and Placement Services

Pharmacy Staffing ServicesHealthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing is recognized as a national leader in regards to pharmacy staffing, recruitment and placement services, plus has been known as a “full service” pharmacy staffing company since 1989 now. With more than 30+ years in the pharmacy staffing, recruitment and placement business, HCC is acknowledged throughout the USA for our ability to always correctly match the best possible potential candidates to the right job or employment opportunity, plus suit the exact needs of the potential employer! We are able to accomplish this by utilizing our own proprietary candidate database system that we’ve developed internally over the past three decades, and that no other company has access to or can match. This system, plus our experienced in-house staff of experts, allows us to match a pharmacist’s skill sets, experience and other considerations (such as geography and lifestyle) with whatever criteria the employer and job description may require.

Pharmacist Recruitment, Placement and Staffing Services

With all the various pharmacy consulting services that we provide to both pharmacies and pharmacists, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the fact the we are one of the nation’s most successful and respected pharmacy staffing and placement firms. HealthCare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing deals with all aspects of matching pharmacists to jobs and open positions in every type of possible situation. This includes filling short term pharmacy positions and temporary jobs, as well as permanent and long term placements. We also can help with temp-to-permanent situations.

Pharmacist Recruitment and Placement

A national leader in pharmacy staffing since 1989, HCC is able to bring an employer the correct pharmacy candidates who are fully qualified for placement in permanent, full-time, direct-hire, or contract positions. In this manner we act as the “liaison” between the employer and the qualified professionals to fill a pharmacy position with the best possible match. Our recruitment experts take the time to build a relationship with you and learn about your business. This helps us to locate the best possible candidates for your company – now and in the future – plus gives you immediate access to a far broader and more talented pool of candidates than you would be able to reach on your own. Our 30+ years of pharmacy recruitment and placement experience ensures that the right pharmacist is a perfect fit regarding geographical considerations, skill sets and, of course, company culture.
Of course HCC is also able to find you the perfect PDM (Prescription Department Manager) &/or PIC (Pharmacist in Charge) should the need arise. During this critical selection of a PDM or PIC, HCC provides you with immediate access to a far broader and more talented pool of candidates than you would be able to reach on your own. We also offer a six month pro-rated satisfaction guarantee!

Temp & Relief Pharmacy Staffing Services

Once again, with over thirty years of experience, HCC is nationally renowned for being a “full service” pharmacy staffing company since 1989. Many times a pharmacy owner or manager is in immediate need of a temporary pharmacist to fill in coverage and shifts at their business or operation. This sometimes may be a planned absence of an employee, such as time off for a vacation or a wedding as examples. Yet more often than not, it is more of an “emergency” situation, such as an unexpected illness, leave of absence, or perhaps simply an employee quitting unexpectedly and without any warning.

HCC specializes in providing relief pharmacists in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. Whatever your requirements and needs may be pertaining to getting pharmacist relief, our automated matching and scheduling services allow us to quickly recruit, screen and locate the perfect pharmacist with the perfect capabilities to meet your every need – guaranteed.

Emergency Pharmacist Staffing

Every pharmacy owner has faced an emergency situation where the only solutions were to either find an emergency pharmacist to quickly fill their need or to shut their pharmacy’s doors. Emergencies such as an illness, death of a loved one, accidents or severe weather preventing an employee’s return happen much more frequently than most think or expect. In such situations, finding an emergency relief pharmacist who is licensed, experienced and professional becomes a task that can seem impossible to accomplish.

Our emergency pharmacist staffing service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We maintain one of the largest active pools of emergency pharmacists in the nation, allowing us to quickly locate available, qualified and reliable personnel in or around your local area. Our proprietary online system allows us to match your needs with the most qualified candidate to work relief during your emergency. HCC also ensures that all of our emergency pharmacists comply with HIPAA requirements and maintain professional liability insurance. As always, here at HCC your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Specialty Pharmacist Staffing

Whatever special needs a pharmacy may be searching for, HCC can help. Our pharmacy staffing services cover all aspects of job types: retail, hospital, clinical and specialty pharmacies. We offer solutions for almost every type of pharmacist you may require:
– Compounding pharmacy (both sterile and non-sterile)
– Nursing Home & Long Term Care pharmacy
– Institutional (prisons and jails) pharmacy
– Hospice pharmacy
– Mail-order pharmacy
– Home health pharmacy
– Respiratory pharmacy
– IV pharmacy
– Nuclear pharmacy
– Home infusion pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician Staffing

At HCC we also place licensed and certified, highly trained Pharmacy Technicians throughout the State of Florida. Our large technician database allows us to place the right experienced and trained pharmacy technician to suit your needs throughout the entire state of Florida, including the Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville areas. Our Pharmacy Technician Staffing Department offers you trained professionals with the premium skills and experience needed to help you best serve your patients and customers.

As required in the State of Florida, all of our pharmacy technicians are registered with the Florida Board of Pharmacy and have completed a Florida Pharmacy Board Approved Pharmacy Technician training program. Our experienced in-house pharmacy consultants have placed thousands of pharmacy technicians throughout Florida and are able to find you the right technician based on your pharmacy’s individual needs and the skill-sets required.

About Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing

If you are a pharmacy requiring temporary or permanent staffing help, HCC Pharmacy Staffing can help you! We have a professional staff who can find you the right pharmacist or technician to match your needs, whether it be in a retail, hospital or a specialty pharmacy area. We work with businesses of every size – from the corner drug store to national corporations and organizations – with only one goal in mind: to improve your pharmacy’s business operations. We can assist with expert advice in any area of your pharmacy business or practice.

Keep in mind that while specializing in pharmacy jobs, staffing and placement services for over 30+ years now, HCC can help you with all of your pharmacy needs. HCC is recognized as a national leader as a Pharmacy Consulting Firm and a sample of some of our additional services include:
– Equipment needs assessment
– Policy & Procedure Manual review, recommendations and customization
– Medicaid/3rd party review
– Moving a pharmacy to a new location
– Out of state licensing
– Exit strategies
– Audit, surveys & mock inspections
– Expanding, redesigning and overhauling your pharmacy
– Compliance review for compounding pharmacies (USP 795 & 797)

We urge you to contact us today to see how our Pharmacy Staffing services and Pharmacy Consulting services can help you improve your business now, plus be ready for the future. With a full-time staff of in-house Pharmacy Consultant specialists, HCC can answer any questions that you may have in all pharmacy settings. Contact us online or call us today at 800-642-1652 for a free consultation.



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