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Prescription Department Manager PDM

Prescription Department Manager PDM

Prescription Department Manager StaffingEvery retail community pharmacy is required to have a Prescription Department Manager (PDM). The PDM is also sometimes referred to as the Pharmacy Manager or Pharmacist Manager, and ultimately is responsible for all of the personnel and their activities in the designated pharmacy area. Although each state has their own laws and regulations, the prescription department manager’s roles and responsibilities are defined and regulated by each state’s Board of Pharmacy. It is important to note that a pharmacy’s permit is tied to an individual pharmacist that’s licensed to practice in that state and designated as the Pharmacist In Charge (PIC), but the PDM may be a separate individual. In many instances, however, the PDM and the PIC are the same pharmacist for the retail pharmacy.

The PDM’s Roles and Responsibilities

Although variance does exist between individual states, the PDM’s responsibilities are fairly uniform. In short, he/she is responsible for all pharmacy personnel and activities, from A to Z. Dispensing of prescriptions, compounding medications, inventory, security, supervision, training, adherence to all federal and state laws… these are all responsibilities of the PDM. Developing and maintaining the pharmacy’s policy and procedure manual, training manuals and a Quality Assurance program are also required tasks that the PDM must perform.

Replacing a Prescription Department Manager

If you need to change or replace your existing PDM, it is important that you are aware of the rules that almost every state adheres to:
– A pharmacist can serve as a Pharmacist Manager at only one full service retail pharmacy (or permit) at one time.
– The pharmacist must be present at least half the time the pharmacy is open or 32 hours per week, whichever is less.
– A pharmacist who is an employee not meeting this requirement may serve
as the PDM temporarily for up to 90 days from the departure date of the previous prescription department manager, if the pharmacist is present at least 20 hours/week in the pharmacy.
– The pharmacy is responsible for completing a controlled substance inventory within 10 days of a change of a pharmacy manager.

HCC Can Help You Find the Right PDM

If you are a pharmacy owner looking to replace or change your Prescription Department  Manager, Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing can help you. In business since 1989, HCC can find you the best qualified pharmacist to meet your needs. With over three decades of experience in pharmacy staffing and pharmacist recruitment, HCC is known nationally for being able to match the right candidate to the right job in all fifty states.

Additionally, HCC offers our clients Interim Pharmacy Management Services. This not only allows your pharmacy to operate while you search for just the right PDM, but allows our experienced staff the chance to review your pharmacy business regarding both performance and efficiency. We also offer non-resident licensing services for all fifty states.

If you are currently searching for the best PDM available for your pharmacy operation, call us now at (800) 642-1652 or take a moment and Contact Us Online and an HCC staffing consultant will contact you back asap to discuss your needs.