Specialty Pharmacies Are Expanding and Evolving Nationally

Specialty Pharmacy ConsultationHaving worked for almost three and one-half decades in the fields of Pharmacy staffing and consulting, I still find it amazing to watch the growth of Pharmacy Specialties and the Specialty Pharmacy Job Market evolve, expand and basically explode! As the roles and responsibilities of a pharmacist’s duties continuously increases, so does the creation of new job positions and work opportunities. Today there are virtually new pharmacy specialties and sub-specialties in our profession being created, expanded and redefined in an unprecedented growth of job positions and opportunities.

Pharmacy graduates in the previous generation basically had one primary professional role question to answer: Do I spend my life working and practicing our “craft” in a Hospital environment or a Retail pharmacy practice? Today the question has virtually become filled with limitless special roles and the field is being redefined at a rate that has never been seen before.

What Specialty Pharmacies Exist Today?

In an attempt to place perspective on the opportunities available, let’s take quick look at a list of specialty pharmacy practice areas that we deal with here at Healthcare Consultants (HCC) in regards to both staffing and consulting on a regular basis. Although by no means complete, it helps to illustrate the expansion of pharmacy opportunities that this “age of pharmacy specialization” has created:
– Adult Medicine & Geriatrics
– Ambulatory Care
– Cancer & Oncology
– Cardiology
– Clinical Pharmacy
– Critical Care
– Compounding (Both Sterile & Non-sterile)
– Cystic Fibrosis
– Emergency Medicine
– Endocrinology & Diabetes
– Immunology & Transplantation
– Infectious Diseases
– IV Pharmacy
– Mail Order Pharmacy
– Nephrology
– Nuclear Pharmacy
*Were you aware that Nuclear Pharmacists average well over $145,000 annually on a national basis?
– Nutritional Pharmacy
– Pain and Palliative Care
– Pediatrics
– Poison Control
– Psychiatry
– Research
– Woman’s Health
Additionally we could list specialty jobs that are being created in Managed Care, Drug Information Services and Publications, Economics & Informatics and the Pharmaceutical Industry itself.

How Can Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing YOU?

If you are a Pharmacist looking for work in a specific specialty area (either temporary or permanent) we encourage you to contact us today at 800-642-1652 to discuss how we can help you as an individual with a unique situation and needs. The exact same is true if you are an employer looking to fill a specialty pharmacy job position. Having been in the Pharmacy Staffing business for over 33+ years, HCC is known nationally for finding the right Pharmacist for the right position.
Additionally, HCC is known as an industry leader in the field of Pharmacy Consulting. With a team of in-house experts, HCC can assist you with complex problems such as:
– Training and Documentation
Call us today at 800-642-162 or Contact us Online now for a Free Consultation to see how our team here at HCC can help you!

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