Specialty Pharmacy Tech Duties

Specialty Pharmacy Technician Job Duties

Specialty Pharmacy TechnicianEveryone agrees that pharmacy technicians play a vital role in every type of pharmacy business. Yet in a specialty pharmacy operation or environment, the duties are usually of an expanded nature when reviewing the job descriptions of the pharmacy techs. The expected roles and skills of the technician include those commonly seen in a retail community or hospital pharmacy setting. These “normal” pharmacy tech job duties performed to assist the pharmacist include:
– Receiving and confirming prescriptions
– Customer interaction
– Computer inputting of the customer and Rx data
– Insurance confirmation and verification
– Quoting patients prescription pricing
– Answering basic medical questions or referring them to the pharmacist (the technician is strictly prohibited from any patient counseling)
– Filling and labeling of a prescription bottle (or patient’s medication drawer in a hospital pharmacy setting)
– Managing inventory
– Receiving customer payments and running a cash register

Additional Technician Roles in a Specialty Pharmacy

The majority of technicians working in a specialty pharmacy operation perform additional job duties than those listed above. The tasks performed sometimes mean that the pharmacy technician role requires an individual with less customer service or people skills, but greater attention to detail. In any pharmacy a small mistake can lead to a major repercussion, but many times this is greatly enhanced in a specialty pharmacy environment.

It is very important to note that there are two major factors that determine what tasks the tech may perform in a specialty pharmacy:
1. The “nature” of the specialty pharmacy business.
In a specialty compounding pharmacy for example, the technician’s role in filling prescriptions is more than just counting pills and labeling bottles. The technician may be required to prepare various creams, ointments and dermatological preparations that fall under the classification of non-sterile compounding.
In a pharmacy that is involved in sterile compounding, the technician may be preparing IV solutions, antibiotic infusions, hyperalimentation and TPN (total parenteral nutrition) solutions for example.
2. The individual state laws, regulations and requirements that the pharmacy operates in. It is very important to check an individual state’s requirements when investigating both pharmacy technician licensing and job roles. As we here at HCC deal only with pharmacy tech jobs in Florida, we recommend that you visit our Florida Pharmacy Technician page to answer any questions that you may have regarding both licensing requirements and the job tasks involved in a Florida based specialty pharmacy operation.

Specialty Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Currently in Florida the demand for specialty pharmacy technicians is at an all time high. Due to both the strict requirements of the Florida Board of Pharmacy regarding tech licensure and the increased pharmacy to technician ratios, the need for skilled and experienced registered pharmacy techs has led to a shortage in many areas of Florida.

We have numerous job openings for pharmacy techs throughout Florida, but are actively seeking to fill various positions in specialty pharmacies located on the Florida Gulf Coast. If you are interested or looking for a position in the Tampa Metropolitan, St. Petersburg or Inverness areas of Florida, we encourage you to call us at (800) 642-1652 or click here to let us know your availability and we’ll get back with you right away to discuss the best opportunities to match your skills and needs.

No matter the setting a technician is looking to work in, HCC is known for its history of matching the right technician to the right employer and job in every type of situation. Owned and operated by pharmacists for over 27 years now, HealthCare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing is recognized as the leader in pharmacy technician staffing, recruiting and placement in the Florida job market. Call us today at 800.642.1652, or contact us online to meet us and start a discussion on how we may be able to help you.



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