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Healthcare Consultants Pharmacy Staffing offers its clients a professional staff of oncology pharmacists providing comprehensive pharmaceutical care to both adult and pediatric cancer patients. These individuals have extensive onsite experience in antineoplastic drug compounding, as well as clinical experience in supportive care therapy and improved drug therapy for cancer patients. With the highly important role that medications play in the treatment of cancer today, the oncology pharmacist has become a primary player on the cancer care team. Oncology pharmacists actively engage in all aspects of the cancer patient’s care—from chemotherapy dose preparation and safety checks, to patient education regarding side effects, plus drug development and research. In addition, if a patient or caregiver have any questions regarding a cancer medication, the oncology pharmacist can be the primary resource.

There has been tremendous growth in the use of specialty pharmacies in regard to the oncology marketplace. According to a J. P. Morgan study conducted in 2011, revenue in the oncology specialty pharmacy industry increased by almost 8%, as compared to just a 2% rate of growth in traditional drug and pharmaceutical sales. The study also showed that oncology was by far the leader in specialty pharmacy revenue generating almost $31 billion in sales volume. This pattern is expected to increase over the next several years and specialty drugs like oncology products are expected to account for up to 35% of all pharmaceutical sales.

If you are a pharmacist considering a position change in the Oncology Specialty Pharmacy venue, we urge you to contact us for a free consultation. Many specialty pharmacy positions require additional education, training and/or licensing requirements. A specialist at HCC can provide you guidance on the job requirements plus answer any questions that you may have. We currently have several job positions open in the oncology pharmacy venue.

If you are an oncology specialty pharmacy, hospital or clinic looking to fill a position (either part-time or permanent) we can help. HCC has the largest and most extensive pharmacist database in the country that will match your needs to the right pharmacists to fill your pharmacy staffing positions. In business for over 25 years, HCC specializes in pharmacy staffing. Contact us online or call us at 800-642-1652 today!

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